Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Izzie Stevens? Can You Get 100%?

Only a true Grey's fan will be able to pass this quiz on Izzie Stevens.

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 Apr 12, 2019
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Question: 1/18Pick the correct answer!

What did Izzie donate to her daughter, Hannah?
Bone marrow
A kidney

Question: 2/18Pick the correct answer!

How did Izzie pay for medical school?
Driving a taxi
Painting houses

Question: 3/18Pick the correct answer!

Why did Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire?
To put him higher on the transplant list
Because it was restricting his breathing
Because he told her he didn't want to live any longer

Question: 4/18Pick the correct answer!

Izzie disguised herself as "Patient _____" to diagnose her cancer

Question: 5/18Pick the correct answer!

Who did Izzie first tell about her cancer?

Question: 6/18Pick the correct answer!

Who performed Izzie's surgery?

Question: 7/18Pick the correct answer!

Why were the doctors conflicted whether or not to revive Izzie?
She would be blind if she lived
There was no activity in her brain
She signed a DNR

Question: 8/18Pick the correct answer!

Izzie was diagnosed with Stage _______ metastatic melanoma.

Question: 9/18Pick the correct answer!

What did Derek and Meredith give to Alex and Izzie?
Their cars
Their wedding
Their house

Question: 10/18Pick the correct answer!

Who did Izzie sleep with while he was married?

Question: 11/18Pick the correct answer!

Why was Izzie fired from the hospital?
She forgot to check a patient's throat
She administered an incorrect dosage of medicine to a patient
She left a sponge inside of a patient after the surgery

Question: 12/18Pick the correct answer!

Why did Izzie leave Seattle?
To take care of her dying mother
To pursue a modeling career
To start over

Question: 13/18Pick the correct answer!

What images of Izzie did Alex post all over the hospital?
Her lingerie advertisements
Her cancerous brain scans
Her baby photos

Question: 14/18Pick the correct answer!

What was a side effect of Izzie's cancer?
Totally losing her memory
Losing her ability to speak
Having visual hallucinations

Question: 15/18Pick the correct answer!

Izzie saved a man's life after a ________ accident by drilling burr holes into his skull.

Question: 16/18Pick the correct answer!

What did Bailey put Izzie in charge of?
The clinic
The cardio wing
Derek's Alzheimer's trial

Question: 17/18Pick the correct answer!

What specialty did Addison believe Izzie would excel in?

Question: 18/18Pick the correct answer!

Whose wedding did Izzie plan?
April and Matthew's
Catherine and Richard's
Derek and Meredith's
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