10 Reasons Hulu Live TV Is Better Than Cable


10 Reasons Hulu Live TV Is Better Than Cable

There are many reasons Hulu Live TV is better than cable, and we've narrowed it down to 10 for you. After all, one thing you cannot miss out on is the weekly airing of your favorite TV show. And if you aren't a fan of cable, then here's your chance! And if you're not already convinced to hop on the Hulu Live TV train and ditch your cable, you definitely will be after this! Here are ten reasons Hulu Live TV is better than cable!

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1. Hulu Live TV Is Only $39.99 Per Month

Everyone loves to save money. Such a low price is basically a steal compared to your current cable plan!

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2. Hulu Live TV Has Limited Commercials

It's just a rule that you'll never completely avoid commercials while watching TV, but Hulu Live TV is better than cable due to how limited its commercial time is.

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3. Hulu Live TV Offers Access To Their Entire Streaming Library

You get everything that's included with its limited commercials plan of Hulu Plus at no additional cost. This means your favorite TV shows and movies will be available to you whenever you want if they're already included with Hulu!

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4. Hulu Has Some Of The Most Popular Movies

Iron Man, Mulan, 10 Cloverfield Lane -- all available instantly to watch on Hulu! Hulu Live TV does what cable can't by giving you access to your favorite movies whenever you're in the mood for them.

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5. Hulu Live TV Requires No Cable Box

It keeps your space neater and is one less thing to worry about! Hulu Live TV doesn't require a cable box, which means more space and less hassle for you! And if and when you move houses you won't need to return a cable box to the store across town.

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6. Watch Hulu Live TV From Almost Any Device

Hulu Live TV is accessible from your laptop, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and now even your smart TV's! If you want to watch cable television without the hassle of a cable box, it's never been easier!

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7. Hulu Live TV Has No Contracts

Unlike traditional cable services, you can cancel your Hulu Live TV service at any time with no fees or obligations. That means that if you decide to cancel your service at any time, you can.

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8. Hulu Live TV Offers A Free Trial

Hulu Live TV has a pretty convincing argument, but it might not be for everyone. They offer a free trial for customers to decide if the service is the right choice for their lifestyle! And if you already have Hulu Plus, all you have to do is manage add-ons to switch from either Hulu with Live TV or Hulu (No Commercials) with Live TV.

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9. Hulu Live TV Has More Than 50 Popular Channels

It all sounds like a great deal, but what content are you actually getting? The channel lineup varies by location, but it's always stacked with over 50 of the best channel. Just check out Hulu Live TV's website and enter your zip code. They'll tell you which channels are available in your area.

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10. Hulu Live TV Allows You To Record Shows

Missed the new episode of your show? Hulu Live TV has cable beat because it comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. You can record your favorite episodes without a single worry in the world. No more confusion on next week's episode.