Is Bailey Leaving Grey's Anatomy? Chandra Wilson Checks Into General Hospital

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Is the gig finally up for Dr. Bailey? Rumor has it she's scheduled to appear on General Hospital again. Find out what this could mean for her future on Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has been with us literally since day of Grey's Anatomy. It almost seems impossible for the show to go on without her. Something we've always had to learn the hard way with this show is that all good things come to an end. Is it finally time for one of the only originals still left to move on from Grey's Anatomy? We sure hope not, but we never really get what we want anyway. Always having Shonda Rhimes to thank for that one! So, is Chandra Wilson leaving Grey's Anatomy after getting cast in General Hospital?

Dr. Bailey Since Day One

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It wasn't easy for us to love Dr. Bailey from the start of Grey's. She treated our beloved interns like crap, they literally called her the "Nazi" and she took pride in it. Who seriously wants to be called that anyway? She seemed miserable and bitter, we were even scared of her through the screen.

However, it took us years to actually appreciate her tough love. She taught some of the best surgeons the hospital had ever seen, and it all started to make sense to her. Dr. Bailey showed us her softer side especially when it came to her son and her love life. As seasons passed, she's grown on us just as much as any other Grey's original has.

Chandra Wilson's Role On General Hospital

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Wilson will be returning to General Hospital as Dr. Linda Massey. Naturally, this sparks the fear in us that she will be ditching Grey's for the new gig. 

I mean it's been 14 whole seasons already, we can't blame her for wanting to move on. Or Rhimes for wanting to get rid of her, for that matter. The good news is that this comeback to General Hospital is only another guest appearance for Wilson, definitely nothing permanent. 

Wilson will be returning to Grey's Anatomy for season 15 as scheduled, and there has been no talk of her severance from the show. There's enough Wilson to go around for everyone, but we're glad to learn that Grey's is her home.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Shonda for not booting our beloved Dr. Bailey just yet. We're not ready to let her go.