Here Are 10 Workout Videos To Keep You Feeling Active During Quarantine

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Working out can be as fun as it is effective!

Here Are 10 Workout Videos To Keep You Feeling Active During Quarantine

So you're stuck at home due to quarantine, but you still want to remain active and strong? Thanks to modern technology, you can bring your exercise instructor home with you. Turn your home into a virtual gym with these inspiring workout videos!

Whether you're into HIIT, yoga, barre, cardio, or even shadowboxing, there's a workout on this list that you'll enjoy. These popular videos have already changed the lives of people just like you, so why don't you give them a shot?

Most of these exercises don't even require any equipment, so there's really no excuse to not even try one out. The only thing required is a willingness to better yourself and maybe some music! Check out these fun workout videos on YouTube to start your fitness journey today!

1. POPSUGAR 30 Minute Cardio & HIIT Workout

With no equipment required, this exercise routine gets straight to the point. HIIT cardio is designed to maximize calories burned, and Charlee Atkins makes it fun!

2. Caleb Marshall 'Rain On Me' Dance Workout

Caleb Marshall makes exercise exciting with workouts based on dances to our favorite pop songs. In tune with Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's 'Rain on Me', this dance workout will have you breaking a sweat in no time! His channel features tons of more dance videos if you want to change up the vibe but keep the momentum going.

3. Blogilates Cardio Dance Party Workout

Calling all TikTok fans! This fun, dance party inspired workout incorporates all of your favorite pop songs that you probably know from TikTok. If you like to have a blast while burning calories, this video is for you!

4. Yoga With Adriene 20 Minute Yoga Routine

If you've been wanting to get into yoga but don't know how, look no further. Adriene's full body flow virtual yoga class will have you feeling revitalized in no time.

5. Fitness Blender 37 Minute Cardio Workout

Amassing over 63 million views since it was posted, there's a reason why this workout video is so popular! It combines the best tools of cardio in order to burn body fat right from your own home.

6. Nate Bower Fitness 20 Minute Shadow Boxing HIIT Workout

Spice up your at home workout by adding shadowboxing to your routine. Nate Bower gives you the tools to lose weight and build strength while keeping things interesting!

7. Leslie Sansone 30 Minute Boosted Fitness Walk

Walk your way to health and strength with this guided fitness walk. Leslie Sansone promises that by the end of it, you'll feel more focused and energized than you ever have!

8. Roberta's Gym 30 Minute Weight Loss

This workout routine promises that a lot can happen in 30 minutes. But seriously, if you only have a half hour to squeeze in a workout, this exercise routine will help you make the most of it.

9. LES MILLS 30 Minute Barre Workout

Feel the burn with this at home Barre workout. The world's best music, moves, and instructors come together for this hour long workout.

10. Pamela Reif 20 Minute Full Body Workout

Carefully designed for beginners, this 30 minute workout is quick to deliver the burn. Plus, no equipment is required!

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