9 Times Ellen Pompeo Was a Total Boss (2018)

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When you thought being Meredith Grey was her biggest accomplishment.

9 Times Ellen Pompeo Was a Total Boss

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If you think Meredith Grey is great, wait until you see how amazing the actress behind her is. In case you didn't know, Ellen Pompeo plays our girl Mer. And she is an absolute treasure, both on and off screen.

Meredith and Pompeo have had some truly impressive moves in their careers and personal lives. We've gathered some of the best moments from Ellen Pompeo and Meredith Grey for you right here, just in case you needed a reminder!

1. Ellen Pompeo Holds The Future Of Grey's In Her Hands

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We are always eager to know if Grey's Anatomy will continue further or if Shonda Rhimes will eventually pull the plug on it. We do know that all good things must come to an end, but when will that ending be? Pompeo and Rhimes have discussed the future of the show, and both reached the agreement that Grey's will only continue as long as they are both on board. So yes, the future of Grey's ultimately lies in the hands of Pompeo, and it's a great thing we trust her!

2. Ellen Pompeo Was Not Afraid To Reveal Her Salary


Pompeo spoke out about her salary recently, revealing to us that is set to make over $20 million per year in these upcoming fifteenth and sixteenth season of Grey's Anatomy. This makes her the highest paid actress currently on television. Pompeo claims that she chose to reveal her salary to the public to inspire women everywhere in the workforce. She wants women to know that if athletes willingly reveal and celebrate their massive salaries, women who achieve fame and fortune through hard work should be able to do the same. Pompeo sure does inspire us to succeed-- both on and off Grey's Anatomy!

3. Pompeo Spoke Out About The Surrogacy Process Of Her Daughter


Pompeo revealed to the world that the birth of her middle child was via surrogate. She spoke of how beautiful the entire process was, and how she chose to respect the privacy of the surrogate mother. We are not surprised that Pompeo is an amazing mother on top of everything!

4. Meredith Forgave Her Attacker

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Who remembers when Meredith was brutally attacked by a delirious patient? That was a very tough scene to watch, and it was even harder to see Meredith fight for her life. Obviously her attacker did not know what he was doing, but she is still not obligated to forgive someone who almost killed her! In season 12 episode 9, Meredith is seen forgiving the man as he apologizes to her in front of his family. The two share a silent moment in which Meredith proves to us yet again how much strength she has.

5. Pompeo Goes Out Of Her Way For Inclusion

via ABC

Pompeo is a strong believer in equality across the boards, whether it's in regards to gender or race. In fact, she even went out of her way to ensure inclusion of journalists at press junkets. This goes as far as making sure people of color get to sit in on interviews with her just as often as everyone else. Props to Pompeo for making positive changes!

6. Pompeo Brings Her Daughter To The Studio


Pompeo has always been one to activate for women's empowerment and equal pay, and she wants her daughters to know this. Pompeo spoke in an interview recently about bringing her 8-year-old daughter into the studio to see how powerful a woman can really be. She even allows her daughter to sit in the director's chair!

7. Pompeo Even Tried To Negotiate Around Patrick Dempsey

via ABC

At one point, Pompeo asked for more money than Patrick Dempsey which she was refused, even though she felt as if she was the star of the show. She even asked Dempsey to join her in a negotiation in which he declined. Look at her now— McDreamy is gone and she's making millions!

8. Meredith's Decision To Adopt Zola

via ABC

You might be thinking the most important person in the world to Meredith was Derek, but we think her children meant the most to her. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch motherhood escape Meredith, so her adoption of Zola together with Derek was a defining moment. We were ecstatic to see Meredith finally fulfill her dream of becoming a mother!

9. Pompeo's Goodbyes To Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew

Women.com / Grey's Anatomy via ABC

After ABC decided to take Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) away from us, Pompeo had kind words to say about the two actresses on Instagram. She posted individual photos thanking each actress in the captions for the friendships they gave her as well as the positive impacts they have made. It's always nice to know that our favorite characters love each other just as much in real life.

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