22 Insane Grey's Anatomy Conspiracy Theories, Ranked

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Grey's Anatomy has been around for thirteen years. And by now, the fans of the series have come up with a variety of incredible theories. Sometimes they might even come up with better storylines than the actual storyline. (Sorry, Shonda.) Maybe you have already heard some of these, but we're sure that your mind will be blown by the end of this list. Check out these insane Grey's Anatomy conspiracy theories collected by us and other Grey's superfans, and see if you can get on board with any. You may never be able to watch Grey's Anatomy the same again!

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George Is Still Alive


According to one Reddit user, George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) is still alive! That's right, the guy that died on the operating table just happened to have a similar birthmark as George. Not to mention he is a huge James Bond fan, who wanted his legacy to live on by writing "007" on Meredith's hand. It seems unlikely that George is alive because it's been so long since we lost him, but who really knows!

Some Events At The Hospital Never Occured

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It has been confirmed on Grey's Anatomy that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) definitely has the gene that could possibly allow her to develop Alzheimer's disease one day. One fan argues that Meredith has already developed Alzheimer's. Don't forget Grey's Anatomy is told completely in the eyes of Meredith. In this case, many of the events at the hospital, even the tragic ones may not have actually occurred.

Izzie Had Alex's Children


Remember those embryos Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) had saved? Well, one fan thinks that Izzie might have accessed the embryos and actually had their children. Can you just imagine if Alex found out he was a father to Izzie's children?! Perhaps if Izzie really did pass away, Alex's kids might track him down.

Grey's Will End With Zola And Bailey As Interns

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This theory has Grey's Anatomy ending on a rather happy note than some others. According to a user on Reddit, Zola and Bailey will become interns and stand before Meredith, the Chief of Surgery as she gives them the same speech Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) gave to her. Other users argue that it is too much of a happy ending, and that we won't get off that easy.

April Was Spiraling Into Depression

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One Reddit user took note that April Kepner (Sarah Drew) has been on a long path of darkness. After seeing April's failed relationships, her loss of a child, and her overall isolation, it's hard to imagine that she is doing well. We don't know exactly how downhill things will go for April (PTSD, depression, and suicide have all been suggested) but they definitely are not looking too good.

Amelia's Brain Tumor Will Bring Back Her Opiate Addiction


Amelia Shepherd's (Caterine Scorsone) brain tumor was heartbreaking for us to watch her suffer through, but what if Shonda Rhimes put it there on purpose? We all know that Amelia suffered with addiction in the past, and one Reddit user believes that the tumor may have popped up to reintroduce Amelia to opiates which she would require after surgery. How cruel that would be!

Matthew Kills April


Matthew might seem like a kind and loving man, but some think his motives may be sinister. If it weren't for Sarah Drew's departure, it would be interesting for Grey's to introduce a domestic abuse story line, which could eventually lead to April's death. We love April and would hate to see her get hurt any worse, but maybe Matthew (Justin Bruening) is really a killer lurking in the shadows!

1. Derek's Death Was Planned Since Season 1

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

One obscure theory on Reddit picks up on some major foreshadowing no one would have noticed back in season 1, episode 2. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) is treating a rape victim who winds up in a coma. While talking to Meredith, he mentions that if he were ever in a coma, he would want all of his four sisters there. Ten seasons later on Grey's, Derek eventually slips into a coma and dies. Coincidence? It seems pretty far-fetched, but how crazy would that be?!

Cristina Eventually Wins The Harper Avery

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We all know that Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) was cheated out of the Harper Avery Award, so will she get another chance? One theory believes that Cristina is still doing monumental work in the medical field, which will eventually land her another Harper Avery nomination. It doesn't seem too far off, Cristina and all of her accomplishments are still very relevant in hospital discussions.

Grey's Is Just Meredith's Kids Reading Her Diary


What if the final episode of Grey's shows Zola closing Meredith's diary? Perhaps she is reading it to her kids or even her fellow interns. Meredith talks a lot about her mother keeping a diary, so it would not be far-fetched to say that Meredith wrote everything down as well!

Maggie Has Alzheimer's


Sometimes we forget that Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) is also the daughter of Ellis Grey (Kate Burton). Ellis passed down her surgical genius skills and Alzheimer's gene to Meredith, so who says she couldn't have passed both of those to Maggie as well? We already know at least the half of it is true! Plus, we have seen how forgetful Maggie can be sometimes.

Derek Shepherd Was Killed For Patrick Dempsey's Mistake


Some fans have suggested that Patrick Dempsey engaged in inappropriate behavior with an intern, causing his character, Derek to be killed off Grey's. Of course, Dempsey denies the allegations of this crazy rumor. Whether this is true or not, we are still curious as to why Derek had to die!

Meredith Cures Alzheimer's

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Although we have looked at plenty of theories that Meredith eventually develops Alzheimer's (or already has it), some fans have a more optimistic outlook. It is possible that after everything Meredith has worked toward, she eventually cures Alzheimer's herself! She would be completing Derek's research as well, especially after she screwed up his trial. We can only hope that this is the turn Greys Anatomy will take.

Owen And Teddy Get Married


We might have not liked Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) so much when she first came in between Cristina and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), but nect time we will give her a chance. If you haven't heard already, Teddy is set to return to Grey's in season 15. Could she be what Owen really needed all along? We think the two might fall in love and Owen will finally find happiness.

Owen Returns To The Military


On the contrary, we think Owen's future might not be so bright. Although the return of Teddy is highly anticipated by fans, it might not go so well with Owen. As we know, the two have had quite the history together serving in the military. Teddy's return might trigger something in Owen that causes him to return to the military, making his grand exit from Grey's.

Zola's Real Parents Show Up


The story of Zola's adoption is one of our favorites. After she was Derek's patient, he and Meredith decided she would be a perfect addition to their family. From what they were told, Zola was an orphan. What would happen if her real parents were found alive and showed up to take her back? For obvious legal reasons, her custody would most likely remain with Meredith, but what a plot twist that would be!

April Dies In A Drunk Driving Accident


As we know April struggled in her final season, especially regarding her faith. She definitely has been indulging in alcohol to help herself cope. There have even been hints on Grey's that April might have a trip to rehab in her future. One theory suggests that April gets behind the wheel and wrecks her car, unable to make it out alive. What a tragic ending to April's life this would be, and we sure hope it never happens.

Arizona Dies With Her


To make matters worse, not only would April die in a drunk driving accident, but Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) would get killed off in the vehicle as well! This might seem a little too harsh of Grey's to do to us, but they weren't afraid to kill Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) in the same plane crash.

Sofia Grows Up To Become A Surgeon


Since we are not afraid to theorize that Bailey And Zola will be the next great generation of interns, why not throw Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres in there? We wouldn't be surprised if Grey's ended with a group of interns containing Bailey, Zola, and Sofia all grown up. After all, each one of her parents were surgical geniuses.

Seattle Grace Is Purgatory


Now, this theory is completely insane, and was even suggested by a Reddit user as merely a joke. What if the hospital in Grey's Anatomy is actually purgatory, and the doctors are there to help the patients go to heaven or hell? Ultimately, the fate of everyone's eternal life lies in the hands of the Grey's doctors. This one is totally nuts, but definitely one of the most interesting!

Sloan Riley Is Not Mark's Daughter


Here's a crazy one-- Sloan Riley (Leven Rambin) is in no way related to Mark, and just showed up to get his money. We never really get solid proof that Sloan is Mark's daughter, we kind of just take her word for it! What if she is a con woman who came to the hospital just to tell her sob story to Mark in an attempt to get his money? Mark was a bit too trusting with her!

Sofia And Sloan's Baby Become Good Friends

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Technically, Sofia would be the aunt of Sloan's child... weird! How crazy would it be if the two actually reconnected later in life and bonded over their shared relationship to Mark? Although the two never really knew him, we're sure they would definitely find something in common. Maybe they're both on track to become surgeons themselves!