15 Times the Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Premiere Had Us SHOOK

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Premiere Recap

Let's admit it, we did get some pretty good spoilers for the premiere of Grey's Anatomy, but nothing compared to finally see it played out. No matter how ready we thought we would be, we were dead wrong. This two-hour premiere on ABC threw us curveballs left and right–we did our best to catch them.

The drama really began to unfold literally as soon as the episode started. Patients were being rushed into the hospital with all kinds of weird medical conditions. On top of that, the doctors picked up right where they left off with their season 14 drama.

There were happy moments, and there were times we wanted to ball our eyes out–typical. We've highlighted some of the most shocking scenes from this two-hour premiere, check them out! You'll probably agree with us.

So, without further adieu, here is our Grey's Anatomy season 15 premiere recap!

1. Meredith And DeLuca "Hooking Up"

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We knew something was probably going to go down with Meredith and DeLuca, but we didn't know exactly what it was. As the episode begins, we get a hot make out scene in the sheets, only to find out it's just a dream!

2. Teddy Knocking On The Door To Owen And Amelia

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When Teddy returns to Seattle pregnant with Owen's baby, she doesn't expect to find out that Owen and Amelia are living together. She was in total shock and pretended she was at the wrong house! We're even more excited for this love triangle to play out now.

3. The Biker Getting Hit By A Car

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As the doctors are crossing the street, out of no where a woman on a bike gets pelted by a car. It took us by surprise, but what's a surprise in Grey's Anatomy anymore? She was rushed to this hospital to be treated by the doctors.

4. Alex And Jo Discussing Kids

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While Alex and Jo are seen on a beach during their honeymoon, they start talking about the idea of having kids! It's definitely a little early for kids, but it was still cute to hear about. Plus, their honeymoon looked to die for.

5. DeLuca Apologizing To Meredith

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We couldn't believe DeLuca brought up the kiss. He apologizes to Meredith for it, and it was definitely an awkward moment. Plus, Meredith's patient who happens to be a matchmaker was listening in.

6. The Patient With Hairspray Inside Him

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We've seen a lot of weird cases on Grey's, but we've never seen one quite like this. It turns out this patient put a hairspray can inside of his you-know-what. The worst part is, it was his wife's!

7. And Then He Died!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We really didn't see this one coming. While in surgery, the hairspray guy wasn't so lucky. He died on the table, and for what? We don't want to know.

8. Jackson Proposed to Maggie

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It happened so fast, we had to do a double take. Jackson asked Maggie to marry him in his kitchen. Maggie responded awkwardly, of course, leaving the house to buy milk. We didn't see this one coming! But we're so happy it wasn't real.

9. Jo Wants To Stay In Seattle

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Surprise, Jo might not be leaving after all. Meredith wants to create a fellowship for Jo in Seattle, meaning Jo wouldn't have to leave anymore. We would hate to see Alex and Jo leave the show, so we're on board with Meredith!

10. The Intern Is Falling For Meredith

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Well, this one isn't a huge shock to us. The intern, Taryn was literally following Meredith around the entire premiere like a puppy. It finally came to light when a patient noticed it and brought it to her attention.

11. When Nisha Dies

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

While Jackson and some other doctors are operating on Nisha, the patient who got hit by the car, things go wrong. She dies in surgery and despite the doctors' best efforts, they're unable to save her. She seemed fine not too long ago, so we were definitely shocked and upset.

12. Owen And Amelia Hook Up

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Since Owen and Amelia's split, things have been weird. There's definitely still a spark there, and it was confirmed by their spontaneous make out session. We can't help but wonder if they will really get back together, especially with what's going on with Teddy.

13. Jo Is Going To Be Bailey's Fellow, Not Meredith's

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Before Bailey took Jo as her fellow at the hospital, Meredith originally pitched the idea for her. Bailey took it and ran, giving Jo the opportunity to stay in Seattle and work under her. Everyone was happy but Meredith, obviously!

14. Nico and Glasses???

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We already knew that Grey Sloan's newest doctor was gay, but we didn't know he was going maybe get with Levi (a.k.a Glasses)! We're excited to see if (and where) this romance blossoms! And we're even happier that there's finally a gay male surgeon on the team!

15. Alex Is Interim Chief

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

As Bailey must step down for a bit, she chooses Alex to take over her position! Now Alex and Jo will both be able to stay in Seattle for the time being. Plus, it's hilarious to see Alex in charge.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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