Vote for the Best ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finale Here

april and jackson hugging on grey's anatomy season 14
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Grey's Anatomy season finale's bring us nothing but unbearable yet addicting drama. We'd be lying if we said we didn't love the heartbreak. Just when we think the season is going pretty smooth, Shonda decides it's time to rip our hearts just in time for the finale. Nothing screams crazy like Grey's Anatomy.

Like any episode, some finales are more exciting than others. Maybe you like the excitement, or maybe you like to keep your heart rate low. Either way, you've got to have a favorite Grey's finale episode!

We've listed descriptions of each of the 14 Grey's Anatomy season finales to refresh your memory. Go ahead and sort through them, voting for which you think is best! You might be surprised to see how many Grey's fans agree with you!

Season 1 "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

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An emergency meeting is called by Dr. Webber when a number of interns, including George contract an STD. Meanwhile, Meredith, Derek, and Bailey must perform a secret operation on Dr. Webber. The season comes full circle when a surprise visitor shows up at the hospital-- Addison, A.K.A. Derek's wife.

Season 2 "Losing My Religion"

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Dr. Webber consults with the interns regarding the cut LVAD wire situation. Meanwhile, he instructs them to set up a prom at the hospital for his niece. In the midst of the drama, the interns discover Izzie clinging to Denny's body after he dies of a stroke. Izzie confesses to cutting the LVAD wire and immediately quits the program.

Season 3 "Didn't We Almost Have It All?"

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Just about everyone's world is turned upside down in this season finale. Adele suffers a miscarriage with Dr. Webber's son, Callie tells George she wants a baby, Derek turns down an offer to be Chief of Surgery, and George fails his intern exam. For the grand finale, Burke leaves Cristina at the altar of their wedding.


Season 4 "Freedom"

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A lot goes down in this two-part finale. A boy encased in cement is presented to the surgical team as they race against time to save his life. Derek and Meredith have one last shot at their clinical trial, which ends up leading them to restart their relationship. Rebecca is brought into the hospital after slitting her wrists, forcing Alex to reevaluate everything.

Season 5 "Now Or Never"

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Izzie finally wakes up from her surgery and news spreads that George is joining the Army. Meanwhile, the doctors are treating a "John Doe" patient who is in terrible condition, unaware that it's George. Derek and Meredith decide to settle with their Post-it Note wedding, since they're too busy to make it to city hall. The episode closes with the doctors realize George is "John Doe" and Izzie losing consciousness.

Season 6 "Death And All His Friends"

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Derek has been shot at the hospital and the pressure is on Cristina to save his life. Meredith is so distraught with fear of Derek dying that she miscarries. Meanwhile, Owen decides what he really wants and chooses Cristina over Teddy.

Season 7 "Unaccompanied Minor"

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When news spreads of Meredith's dishonesty in Derek's clinical trial, she along with others must face the consequences. Meanwhile, Cristina must make the ultimate decision between her career and her relationship.

Season 8 "Flight"

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After their plane crashes in the woods, the doctors fight for their lives. Mark is seen confessing his love to Lexie as she takes her last breaths. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Owen fires Teddy and finally realizes that his doctors are missing.

Season 9 "Perfect Storm"

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In the midst of a power outage at the hospital, Meredith experiences severe complications during her C-section in the darkness. The hospital is in turmoil as oxygen machines in the NICU cease to function, Cristina performs heart surgery in the dark, and passengers aboard a burning bus are delivered to the ER. To make matters worse, Webber is electrocuted due to water in the basement.

Season 10 "Fear (Of The Unknown)"

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As Cristina prepares to leave for Zurich, a possible act of terrorism sends multiple victims to Grey Sloan for treatment. Shane also leaves the hospital for Zurich to work under Cristina. Meredith tells Derek that she won't leave Seattle to follow him to Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Webber discovers that the new head of cardio, Maggie's birth mother is Ellis Grey.

Season 11"You're My Home"

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Webber and Catherine find themselves in a disagreement about who should be the next Chief of Surgery. The two later get married, hosting their reception at Derek and Meredith's house. Meanwhile, Jackson gives April an ultimatum about their marriage when she expresses her desire to go back to Jordan.

Season 12 "Family Affair"

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It's Owen and Amelia's wedding day and just about everything that can go wrong does. Andrew is helping a drunk Jo when Alex walks in and gets the wrong idea and assaults him. Ben saves April and her baby after she requires an emergency C-section.

Season 13 "Ring Of Fire"

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

As the hospital bursts into flames, Stephanie barely makes it out alive which leads to her resignation. Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia make a journey to be reunited with his missing sister. When Nathan finds out that the love of his life, Megan is in fact alive, Meredith encourages him to be with her.

Season 14 "All Of Me"

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Jo and Alex's wedding day has finally arrived, but of course, things go terribly wrong. Guests go to the wrong ceremony, Jo and Alex lock themselves in a shed, and the wedding planner goes into anaphylactic shock. To everyone's surprise, April and Matthew get married and finally have their happily ever after. In addition, Arizona leaves Seattle to move to New York where Callie and Sophia live.