What Season of 'Grey's Anatomy' Was the Absolute Best? Rank Them Here!

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If you love Grey's Anatomy, then you know the entire series inside and out. Every fan has a favorite doctor, a favorite surgery, and even a favorite season! Maybe you go crazy for the romance, or maybe you're the type that loves to watch the hospital crash and burn. Either way, there's never a dull moment on Grey's Anatomy.

Each season is filled with enough hellos and goodbyes to last a lifetime. The unpredictability is what makes Grey's so magical yet so painful to watch at the same time! At the end of the day a true fan will prove to be loyal no matter how hard it can be.

We've given you a basic rundown of each season, in case your memory is a little foggy. Take a look at how other fans voted, and go ahead and tell us which ones are your absolute favorites!

  • Season 8

    Community Score: 39
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Big changes are made at the hospital, which everyone has trouble adjusting to. Meanwhile Meredith and Derek face relationship challenges in the midst of adopting Zola.

  • Season 5

    Community Score: 36
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    In Season 5, Derek and Meredith are still on and off, while Cristina and Owen are trying out something new. Not surprisingly work at the hospital hasn't gotten any easier, either.

  • Season 1

    Community Score: 33
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    We really didn't know what we were in for in Season 1. With all of the new interns and their drama, everything happened so fast! Season 1 taught valuable lessons to everyone, especially Meredith.

  • Season 6

    Community Score: 32
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    When Seattle Grace merges with Mercy West, doctors are thrown into the mix which means all new drama! The doctors must navigate through all of the changes they're now being faced with.

  • Season 7

    Community Score: 25
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    It's survival of the fittest in the hospital during Season 7. New relationships emerge while old ones end, and of course, work hasn't gotten any easier.

  • Season 10

    Community Score: 25
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    This season is where we have a bittersweet goodbye with Cristina. In addition, major secrets are being kept and lies are being told, naturally creating one of the most nail-biting seasons yet.

  • Season 3

    Community Score: 24
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    If you want to feel your heart shatter into a million pieces, watch Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. Everyone dies and everyone who doesn't die must live with the consequences.

  • Season 14

    Community Score: 22
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    In Season 14, we say goodbye to April and Arizona, which is bittersweet. We also see hope for the rest of the doctors when it comes to both their love lives and their careers.

  • Season 9

    Community Score: 21
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Season 9 is all about healing. After the plane crash that devastated the doctors, they must learn to stay afloat while continuing with their work as well.

  • Season 4

    Community Score: 20
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Now that the original interns have become residents, they've gained interns of their own. On top of their taxing work at the hospital, the doctors find themselves discovering the unpleasant consequences of their actions outside of work.

  • Season 15

    Community Score: 14
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Season 15 brings many new opportunities to the doctors, especially Meredith who has finally been able to try love again. There's all kinds of drama this season, including a fiery love triangle!

  • Season 2

    Community Score: 12
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Season 2 is nothing but easy for Meredith, especially after Derek's wife shows up to the hospital. Meanwhile, the rest of the interns are caught up sleeping with each other or their bosses!

  • Season 13

    Community Score: 5
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Meredith is finally able to think about romance again, but she's not sure if it's a good idea. Meanwhile, everyone else's love lives are falling to shambles.

  • Season 12

    Community Score: 1
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    The doctors are faced with battling many demons in Season 12. Tensions run high at the hospital in this season of struggle, especially when old wounds are opened up.

  • Season 11

    Community Score: -4
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    New romances come to light as old ones face challenges. Season 11 is shaped by shocking discoveries and painful goodbyes.