Trendy Home Decor Ideas To Spice Up Your Living Room

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Home Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Your living room is a special place in your home. You share it with others such as guests and family, and you spend your lazy Sundays on your couch. What makes your living room unique is how you choose to spice it up! No one likes a boring home. If done right, even simplicity can make your living room look like it belongs in a magazine. We've put together some of the most affordable and trendy home decor ideas that would do a great job giving your living room some personality!

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Photo Frame Set

A set of photo frames on your wall will give your living room a modern feel. You might think about arranging a few large frames together, or many smaller frames. Larger frames might look best with modern artwork or photography in them. Smaller frames would look great when filled with family photos for a more personal touch to your living room. Plain black frames will help style an ultra modern look, while wooden frames will give your living room the more traditional feeling of "home".

  • Noland 12 Piece Matted Picture Frame Set from Wayfair
  • Westbury 24 Opening Collage Picture Frame from Wayfair
  • Wallverbs Open Leaf Tree 19-Piece Picture Frame Set in Black from Bed Bath & Beyond
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Mirrors can do a lot to add life to your living room! If you're trying to open up a space, mirrors are great at making a small space look larger. A few large mirrors will probably do the trick rather than a group of smaller mirrors. Your living room will also appear brighter with mirrors, as the light is bouncing around to even the dark corners. Again, you might use mirrors to emphasize a more modern look or bring back a traditional feeling depending on the design you choose. However, it's important to be somewhat consistent with style used throughout your living room to keep a certain ambiance.

-Walnut Plank 23.5-Inch x 29.5-Inch Rectangular Mirror in Brown from Bed Bath & Beyond -Umbra Oversized Hub Mirror from Urban Outfitters -Mirror Frame from Urban Outfitters

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Decorating your living room with plants adds life in a number of ways-- literally! Indoor plants can complement furniture, add color, and express your unique style preferences. You might consider hanging plants to emphasize either a modern or contemporary look. Even a single large plant in the room can act as a focal point. And don't forget how popular succulents as home decor have become! A grouping of multiple small succulents is an excellent touch to any living room, while requiring very minimal maintenance due to their ability to retain water for long periods of time. If you're not someone to keep up with caring for plants, you always have plenty of artificial plant options to choose from!

-Arrangement Desktop Succulent Plant in Wood Plate from Wayfair -2 Piece Hanging Succulent Tree in Terrarium Set from Wayfair -Faux Heliconia from Urban Outfitters

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Wine Bar

Another great idea is to decorate your living room with a wine bar! A wine bar in the living room might not be something you see too often! If you have a bit of room, clear some wall space and build yourself a wine bar. Equip your bar with a cooler, some shelves, and glasses so your living room can become the ultimate spot to wind down for the day. Add a plush seating area in front of it and some low lighting fixtures to set the perfect evening mood right in your living room. You can start with this idea and really go with any style-- modern to contemporary. Oh, and don't forget endless bottles of wine!

-Coghill 12 Bottle Wine Bar from Wayfair -Pemberly Row Rolden Wine Bar Cart in Espresso from Cymax -NewAge Home Bar 24" x 24" Wine Rack Cabinet in White from Wayfair