Love Is in the Air—and These 29 'Jane the Virgin' Quotes

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So... how do you explain this one?

Adorable Quotes From Jane The Virgin

These heartwarming quotes from Jane The Virgin will remind you of the value of family. Since premiering on The CW, this TV series has kept us reeled in. It's dramatic, romantic, and straight up hilarious at times.

Despite it's lighthearted attitude, Jane The Virgin can get pretty deep, too. These meaningful quotes explore the heartbreak that comes along with being in love and raising a family. They also highlight the many wonderful perks that come along with motherhood.

Check out these irresistible quotes from the show that remind us why we're so addicted. Life is full of surprises, but these words will sound familiar.

Noteworthy Quotes From Jane The Virgin

  • "Do not engage with their mom. Be the bigger person." - Jane

  • "Okay, I left word with the UN ambassador and Gloria Estefan. One of them will stop the deportation. Most probably Gloria Estefan." - Rogelio

  • "I don't love you because you're incredibly sexy. I love you because you're my best friend and I want to grow old with you. And right now, I am confused about every single thing in my life, except you." - Jane

  • "That is my counterargument, which is really just me apologizing for being a jerk and talking about how much your friendship means and how much I missed you. And how co-parenting has to be our top priority." - Rafael

  • "It was the best kiss of my life, Mom. And suddenly it was so clear: it's Michael." - Jane

Unforgettable Jane The Virgin Quotes

  • "Wow, I've never seen anyone not like Jane before. It's honestly a turn on." - Petra

  • "Well, I didn't see a penis today, but I definitely saw a big dick." - Darci

  • "If not for that recital and that burger, I might not have ended up on the doorstep of a drunk, twenty-one year old girl. That's not just a series of coincidences, it's destiny. And I never doubted you were mine. And never doubt that all I want, forever and always, is for you to be happy." - Michael

  • "Maybe you don't tell them you're a pregnant virgin." - Xiomara

  • "A rich playboy with an entitled attitude missing a basic sensitivity chip. He was so much nicer in my head." - Jane

Top Quotes From Jane The Virgin

  • "You asked me if I'll be able to let go, and I said yes. And I will. But it's going to be hard because it means letting go of something pretty big: the possibility of us. Which has been there for me, in the back of my mind, for a long time." - Rafael

  • "There are many Jesus Christs. There is only one Jane." - Rogelio

  • "I just needed to prove I can do it myself, because I'm going to have to do things myself now! And I know you're here, but still, there are some things I need to do on my own. Okay? As a single mother. Because that's what I am. And I didn't see it coming, Abuela... I just wanted to know I can do something on my own." - Jane

  • "Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want." - Jane

  • "I just love you two so much. Your love is something I aspire to. And I wish you all the happiness in the world, which is a really weird feeling because I don't usually wish happiness on other people." - Petra

Memorable Jane The Virgin Quotes

  • "I tell my son every night that monsters aren't real. But they are. I'm looking at one. But you'll never win." - Jane

  • "I promise I wasn't stalking your ex-girlfriend. That would be creepy. I just love obits." - Krishan

  • "And while we can't go back in time, I can now say, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you all those years. I thought my Emmy win was the highlight of my life, but reconnecting with you is the real climax." - River

  • "All of these boundaries and rules make them feel safe and loved. Because if they don't, they get manipulative and start to lie. And their therapist said we need to nip that behavior in the bud." - Petra

  • "I mean, they're really great eggs. I got pregnant literally the first time sperm even touched one." - Jane

Our Favorite Jane The Virgin Quotes

  • "Apparently, I'm the problem. Something's not working. Anyway, turns out, I could have been way sluttier in high school." - Lina

  • "Who's that woman in her profile picture with her? It's the twenty-first century, why haven't we figured out how to zoom in on a thumbnail?" - Petra

  • "You know how to old saying goes. First comes love, then almost-marriage, then platonic friendship, and then he's your real estate agent." - Jane

  • "I don't want to have sex with you. I have never wanted to have sex with you and if you keep trying to have sex with me, I'm going to HR. And if they don't pay attention, I'm going to Alyssa Milano." - Rogelio

  • "End of story. Well, you know what, I'm the writer. I'll end the story." - Jane

We Can't Get Enough Of These Quotes From Jane The Virgin

  • "I only got off the bus cause I saw you almost get run over, and I decided, I probably shouldn't end things that way." - Michael

  • "My parents are here today, not because they are meant to be, but because they chose each other. And in the face of a million obstacles, they chose each other. When it seemed like they should give up, they chose each other. And they keep choosing each other in the face of every single twist and turn life brings them. Every single day. And that is not destiny. That is not fate. That's commitment. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. Through stormy days and sunny skies. They have earned their happy ending." - Jane

  • "Your love story may not traverse planets, but it sends our hearts to the moon." - Rogelio

  • "Are you my Aunt Luisa, the one who made me get born?" - Mateo

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