10 Joan Crawford Movies, Ranked From Best to Worst

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Joan Crawford was America's most beloved actress - and some may argue she still is. The star's movies were a staple of a good portion of the 20th century in film. She often found herself playing roles of young women who found romance and success. Film fanatics love Crawford's characters just as much as they loved her.

Crawford's films inspired ideas of love and mystery within their audiences. Watching her movies now promise to bring waves of nostalgia to viewers. But can you pick which one was the best?

We need your help to create the ultimate ranking of Joan Crawford movies. Go ahead sort through our list, voting for our favorite and least favorites along the way. You might just be surprised to see how many others agree with you!

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) is an aging child star left to care for her wheelchair-bound sister Blanche (Joan Crawford), also a former child actress. Stuck living together in a mansion in old Hollywood, the sisters plot to destroy each other.

Mildred Pierce (1945)

When Mildred Pierce's (Joan Crawford) wealthy husband leaves her for another woman, Mildred decides to raise her two daughters on her own. Despite Mildred's financial successes in the restaurant business, her oldest daughter, Veda (Ann Blyth), resents her mother for degrading their social status.

Strait-Jacket (1964)

Though still mentally shaky, convicted axe-murderess Lucy Harbin (Joan Crawford) is released from the asylum where she was sent 20 years ago for slaying her unfaithful husband. She reconnects with her grown daughter, Carol (Diane Baker), who saw her mother chop her father to pieces as a tot, and who still has suspicions of her dark side.

Sudden Fear (1952)

Acclaimed playwright Myra Hudson (Joan Crawford) marries Lester Blaine (Jack Palance), an actor she has just fired from her latest play. Shortly after the honeymoon, Myra overhears Lester and his lover, Irene (Gloria Grahame), plotting to murder her for her inheritance, for which she must seek revenge.

Johnny Guitar (1954)

Vienna (Joan Crawford) owns a popular saloon in town. When a heist is pulled that results in a man's death, Emma Small (Mercedes McCambridge), Vienna's rival, rallies the townsfolk to take revenge on Vienna's saloon.

Trog (1970)

Trog is a science fiction horror film. Set in contemporary England, the plot follows Dr. Brockton (Joan Crawford) who learns that in the caves of the countryside, a troglodyte is alive and might be able to be helped and even domesticated.

Harriet Craig (1950)

Harriet Craig (Joan Crawford) enjoys the married life but constantly tries to control those around her. She does not trust her husband, Walter (Wendell Corey), without checking up on him. When he is offered a promotion that will require traveling, Harriet resorts to sabotaging him.

The Best of Everything (1959)

Three ambitious working girls of 1950s Manhattan share their secretarial work and later a home together. The three contend with romantic disappointments, office politics and the threat that their dreams for a fulfilling career will be cut short by marriage, children and inertia.

Humoresque (1946)

Paul Boray (John Garfield) is a talented violinist who he comes from a poor, working-class background. Helen Wright (Joan Crawford) has just the connections he needs to make it, so she takes him under her wing. Their relationship soon turns into a romantic one, but the destructive behavior of Helen may be too much for Paul to bear.

Possessed (1947)

After collapsing, disoriented, in a Los Angeles diner, Louise (Joan Crawford) recounts the events of her life to a psychiatrist. While working as a nurse for the wife of wealthy Dean Graham (Raymond Massey), she falls in love with the Grahams' neighbor, David (Van Heflin), who rejects her affection. Her obsession with him soon leads to madness.