Place Your Bets On These 21 Kentucky Derby Instagram Captions

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It's not easy being a classy lady.

Best Kentucky Derby Instagram Captions

These Kentucky Derby Instagram captions are just what you need for your new photo. Show off your good friends and your fancy hat from a day that will go down in history.

Each year on the first Saturday in May, the ultimate race takes place. People make bets, sing songs, have drinks, and enjoy each other's company. With so much action at the Kentucky Derby, anyone's lucky to attend even once. Not to mention, it might as well be considered a fashion show!

Don't let your impressive hat go to waste. These IG captions are perfect for displaying it to the world!

Fun Kentucky Derby Instagram Captions

  • "To be born in Kentucky is a heritage; to brag about it is a habit; to appreciate it is a virtue." - Irvin Cobb

  • Got Derby?

  • Kentucky blood.

  • The bigger the fascinator the better.

  • "How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about." - Philip Treacy

Cute Kentucky Derby Instagram Captions

  • "A piece of magic is a hat." - Martha Sliter

  • "There are some things one is born to wear, and I had obviously been fated to wear this hat." - Connie Willis

  • We're here for the outfits more than the race and that's 100% okay with me.

  • I don't always wear a hat but when I do, it's a fascinator.

  • You call it a hat, I call it art.

Magical Kentucky Derby Instagram Captions

  • Derby girl at heart.

  • "If these United States can be called a body, then Kentucky can be called its heart." - Jesse Stuart

  • Gettin' down and Derby.

  • Next stop: the finish line!

  • Let the race begin.

Top Kentucky Derby Instagram Captions

  • "A hat is an expression of a woman's soul." - Lilly Dache

  • Keep calm and wear a fancy hat.

  • Hats almost as big as our hearts.

  • Off to the races.

  • Talk Derby to me.

  • Keep your friends close and your bourbon closer.

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