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Historical Fiction Books
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Top Historical Fiction Authors

Are you a lover of historical fiction books? If you're well versed in the realm of this genre, you know how important it is to find the best authors. Once you're introduced to a new writer that you love, you'll probably enjoy the rest of their work, too. It's crucial to find an author who values entertainment just as much as accuracy when it comes to historical fiction.

Historical fiction often incorporates elements of mystery and fantasy, making it that much more interesting to read. These books are the reason we don't just pick up any old history book. Readers love the personal twists these authors put on their educational novels.

If you can't get enough of historical fiction, you have to check out these popular authors. We guarantee you'll be hooked on a new book series in no time.

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1. Kate Alcott

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Kate Alcott is the literary pseudonym for journalist Patricia O'Brien. As a New York Times bestselling author, she's covered both the fiction and non-fiction genres. However, she's most famously known for her work with historical fiction.

Check out some of her books: - The Dressmaker - The Daring Ladies of Lowell - A Touch of Stardust

2. Sharon Kay Penman

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Sharon Kay Penman tends to write trilogies, with her most popular one set in the time of King John and Henry III. She has also written a few medieval mysterious that readers can't seem to get enough of. Her novels are set in England, France, and Wales, educating readers on royalty during the middle ages.

You might enjoy these novels from The Welsh Trilogy: - Here Be Dragons - Falls the Shadow - The Reckoning

3. Elizabeth Chadwick

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Elizabeth Chadwick is known for bringing the past to life with historical integrity. Her best stories are dramatic, entertaining, and inspiring. With most of her work set in the medieval period, she allows her readers to feel like they're traveling through time.

You'll love these books she's written: - Lady of the English - The Greatest Knight - Lords of the White Castle

4. Diana Gabaldon

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Diana Gabaldon is known best for her time travel series Outlander, primarily set in the 18th century. She's now written eight books in the series, that have been described as fantasy, mystery, and science fiction, in addition to historical fiction. She recognizes her responsibility for accuracy, not just to her readers, but to the people of the past.

You'll enjoy these books she's written: - Outlander - Dragonfly in Amber - Drums of Autumn

5. Bernard Cornwell

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Bernard Cornwell has written over 50 books that men and women alike enjoy to read. His stories knows to be adventurous, but still historically accurate. Cornwell is best known for his novels about Napoleonic Wars rifleman Richard Sharpe.

Check out these popular books written by Cornwell: - The Last Kingdom - The Pale Horseman - The Empty Throne

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