Geek Out to These 6 Science Fiction Podcasts

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Unleash the nerd inside of you.

Geek Out to These Science Fiction Podcasts

Nothing gets us excited like the realm of science fiction. These mysterious podcasts propel us into a world we can only dream of. With futuristic gadgets, creepy utopias, and crashed UFOs, these stories have touched on just about every subject.

Embrace your inner nerd by binging on one of these thrilling podcasts. Forget about the mundane reality you live in, explore realities that scare you and inspire you at the same time. The world is just waiting to be discovered.

Remember, nothing is as it seems in these sci fi podcasts. Everything you ever thought you knew might be wrong, even how many moons the Earth has. These strange stories will open your mind and spark a sense of creativity. There's no such thing as too weird!

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1. Flash Forward

Every week, host Rose Eveleth explores a possible future scenario, and enlists real experts to explain how it might work. Although ideas such having all drugs made legal and space pirates dragging a second moon to Earth sound far out of reach, Flash Forward believes that everything is worth having a discussion over. By combining audio drama and deep reporting, this podcast gives listeners a unique window into the future.

Listen to Flash Forward here.

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2. StarTripper!!

This exciting science fiction podcast follows Feston Pyxis after he sells all his B-movie memorabilia to buy a spaceship and take a wild adventure. Aboard his new ship "StarTripper", he takes off along with the onboard assistant PROXY. Feston is on a quest for every good time there is to be had across the galaxy.

Listen to StarTripper!! here.

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3. The Bright Sessions

This podcast follows a group of therapy patients who each have a unique supernatural ability. As they continue to see their mysterious therapist Dr. Bright, her motives become questionable. The show documents the struggles and discoveries of the patients as things become too strange to ignore.

Listen to The Bright Sessions here.

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4. The Bubble

Fairhaven is a literal bubble that encompasses a corporate utopia that's surrounded by otherworldly monsters. Characters are even summoned by an Uber-esque app to slay horrific beasts with nothing but their bare hands. Who owns the app? Of course, he's a tech overlord.

Listen to The Bubble here.

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5. Steal the Stars

Dakota Prentiss and Matt Salem are two government employees who happen to be guarding a crashed UFO and an alien body. Although they're forbidden to fraternize, they fall in love and plan to make the dangerous escape to a better life. It wouldn't be so difficult if they didn't decide to steal the body and sell the secret of its existence.

Listen to Steal the Stars here.

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6. Adventures in New America

Taking place in the future, Adventures in New America follows the escapades of two mismatched African-New-American best friends, IA and Simon Carr. The pair takes on multiple high stake heists in order to get cash to pay for IA's medical treatment. Meanwhile, they're in the midst of a fight for survival in the wilds of New New York City.

Listen to Adventures in New America here.

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