You'll Feel Like a Powerful Princess After Reading 38 She-Ra Quotes

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power via Netflix

It's everyone's favorite animated heroine, She-Ra.

Irresistible She-Ra Quotes

A Netflix Original, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a spellbinding reboot of the 1985 cartoon. With it's third season now in full swing, we just can't seem to get enough of these empowering quotes from She-Ra herself! After all, what could possible inspire us women more than an army of magical princesses fighting against evil?

She-Ra is currently the most influential heroine in the game. A champion for women everywhere, she has quite a few valuable lessons to share. We can find comfort and even some laughter in these She-Ra quotes. Although she's been pretty busy saving planet Etheria, she's spared some time to save us. Check out these meaningful quotes by our beloved She-Ra that'll brighten your day.

Powerful She-Ra Quotes

  • "This is Etheria, my brother, the Horde rules this planet."

  • "Sorry, bone-brain, I don't like Hordak, but I wouldn't leave a slime-crawler to your brand of mercy."

  • "I'm afraid there was no other choice. Skeletor had to be stopped."

  • "Phew! Now I know what a kite feels like."

  • "I'm afraid Glimmer's in danger. And what's worse: she doesn't know it."

  • "For the Honor of Greyskull! I... AM... SHE-RA!"

  • "Only a few others share this secret. Among them are Light Hope, Madame Razz, and Kowl. Together me and my friends of the Great Rebellion try to defend Etheria from the evil forces of Hordak."

  • "Nothing except the power of good. It's always stronger than evil."

  • "Be sure to wash behind your ears, boys!"

Strengthening She-Ra Quotes

  • "Remember, it's your body, and no one should touch you in a way that you feel is wrong."

  • "Why thank you, Orko. A compliment like that deserves a hello kiss."

  • "You boys should be more careful with your freeze-rays. That tree wasn't bothering you!"

  • "Uh oh, something tells me it's going to get awfully hot around here."

  • "Oh, not quite forever, Spirit, just a thousand years."

  • "Now that you've quit being such a blowhard, Shadow Weaver..."

  • "Sword, to harpoon!"

  • "Come on, Hawk. The ship is about to explode. I'm sure Adora's safe."

  • "Farewell He-Man dear brother."

Our Favorite She-Ra Quotes

  • "This black snow not only looks bad, it smells bad, too."

  • "All right, lets go see this tiny, but biggest, wonderful, super secret special surprise."

  • "Well Hordak, we lived through that explosion, but our troubles are just beginning."

  • "Now let's see if we can save those books!"

  • "I'm not just crying for Hordak, I'm crying for the saddest thing I know: a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift, the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away. And when he goes, nobody will care."

  • "The rain has rusted the robots."

  • "But He-Man, that flagship is in outer space. Can even you throw that far?"

  • "I am She-Ra. And I don't like the way you're treating my friend. How about a game of 'Follow the Leader'?"

  • "I lost... for the first time, I lost."

  • "Hordak, you don't tell me how to do my job, and I won't tell you how to be a power mad, narrow minded fool, alright?"

Memorable She-Ra Quotes

  • "Well, it looks like you've thrown just about everything in the village but the kitchen sink."

  • "I get a bad feeling from that Wobble."

  • "As a farmer you lived a life of peace. It's a shame that you must go to war again."

  • "Never's an awfully long time."

  • "Here's the food stolen by the Horde. Enjoy it, and be well."

  • "Power of all Etheria, come to She-Ra!"

  • "The Horde takes slaves, I don't."

  • "You heard me, Hordak. Call off your troopers, or I'll bring this whole place down around those metal ears of yours!"

  • "My whole life has changed because of this sword."

  • "Next, I'll make sure those dungeons will never be used as prisons again."

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