10 Shows To Binge If You Like Big Little Lies

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10 Shows To Binge If You Like Big Little Lies

There's nothing worse than binge-watching your favorite show entirely through, and then left hanging! Don't worry, there are plenty of shows you can stream similar to Big Little Lies. Big Little Lies is incredibly addictive, and you need a series in your life that will satisfy that craving you've been left with. Filled with love, death, and drama, it might be hard for any show to live up to Big Little Lies. However, we think we got pretty close with this list. Hopefully, you can find these shows on an online streaming service like Netflix or Hulu and decide for yourself!

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1. The Slap

The Slap follows a group of friends who face the struggles of raising children. When one parent takes discipline a little to far, the characters are in way deeper than they thought they would be.

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2. 13 Reasons Why

With a similar attention-grabbing plot to Big Little Lies, 13 Reasons why tells the story of a teenager who committed suicide, leaving behind a trail of tapes blaming those in her life for leading her to her decision.

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3. Top Of The Lake

This series takes place in New Zealand and revolves around the mysterious disappearance and mistreatment of a young girl.

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4. How To Get Away With Murder

Just like Big Little Lies, nothing about this series is typical. It follows a law teacher's class as she presents them with real cases to take on. In the meantime, the students get themselves involved a little bit too deep.

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5. Broadchurch

Boradchurch follows the investigation of a local teenager's death, while exposing lies and secrets of those involved along the way.

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6. Revenge

Revenge tells the story of a woman who moves to the Hamptons in order to seek revenge for those who are responsible for putting her father in prison.

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7. American Horror Story

Each season of American Horror Story tells a different horrifying story of families who face hauntings, murders, and demons.

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8. Bates Motel

Following the death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel and moves to White Pine Bay with her son, Norman. The pair find themselves leading a life that is nothing but normal.

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9. Boston Public

Boston Public follows the lives of a group of teachers at Boston's Winslow High School, as well as all of the drama that comes along with the job.

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10. The Originals

In a spin off of 'The Vampire Diaries', Klaus returns to New Orleans to investigate a plot against him.