17 Shows Like Rick And Morty On Hulu

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Did you finish Rick and Morty, but still feel yourself craving more? Check out the list of shows on Hulu we've put together that are sure to satisfy you!


17 Shows Like Rick And Morty On Hulu

There are plenty of shows similar to Rick and Morty available right on your Hulu account. Capturing the adventures of a mad scientist named Rick, and his grandson, Morty, this animated series has seemed to have gained a cult following. It's to no surprise that many Rick and Morty fans have watched the series totally through, maybe even twice! If you're looking to get your Rick and Morty fix with a new show, check out our list below for some awesome recommendations!

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1. Futurama

This animated series follows the adventures of a group of friends who travel through the cosmos sharing their knowledge while getting caught up in space drama.

2. Dexter's Laboratory

A Cartoon Network classic, Dexter's laboratory utilizes science as a central role, similar to Rick and Morty.

3. Regular Show

Regular Show follows a blue jay and a raccoon through an immersive experience as groundskeepers at a park.

4. Adventure Time


Adventure Time pushes the limits of imagination in the Land of Ooo. Finn and Jake go on magical journeys almost as great as those of Rick and Morty.

5. Invader Zim

This series follows Zim and GIR on their mission from Earth to the planet Irk in order to conquer all of humanity.

6. The Ren & Stimpy Show

First being released in 1991, The Ren & Stimpy Show paved the way for shows like Rick and Morty. The series follows a dog and cat through their crazy, adult-themed adventures.

7. Ugly Americans

Mark Lilly's job s to help people integrate into life in New York. However, he doesn't just deal with people, but monsters.

8. BoJack Horsman

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This series follows a washed up actor who just happens to be a horse. It touches on some pretty series subjects but will definitely make you laugh.

9. The Amazing World of Gumball

With a dark and satirical twist, this series will make you laugh just as much, if not more than Rick and Morty!

10. Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls tells the story of twins who get involved in mysteries and adventures while visiting their great-uncle Stan.

11. Bravest Warriors

By the creators of Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors follows four teenagers who use the power of their emotions to save aliens throughout the universe.

12. Aqua Teen Hunger Face

This series follows the lives of a meatball, a milkshake, and fries as they get caught up in all sorts of crazy adventures.

13. Archer


This show follows Archer, an alcoholic and leader of a spy agency. With an evolving plot and fantastic setting, Rick and Morty fans are sure to be just as addicted to Archer.

14. Venture Bros.

A mad scientist, his two grandsons, and a bodyguard wind up in sticky situations-- it definitely reminds us of Rick and Morty!

15. Fish Hooks

Fish Hooks follows a trio of fish who must deal with the usual trials of teenagers, as well as unforeseen battles with giant lobsters.

16. Space Dandy

Space Dandy is an alien hunter who is on a quest to find new species of aliens in which he is given awards for.

17. Steven Universe


Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story that takes places in a fantastic magical world called Beach City.