Things Are Looking Up With These 27 Space Needle Instagram Captions

girl sitting at top of space needle in seattle
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Ever been to space before?

Best Space Needle Instagram Captions

What's a trip to Seattle without seeing the famous Space Needle? If you're lucky enough to have gone to the top, you know how deserving that amazing view is of a photo. Make your feed dazzle with these fun Instagram captions.

A good tourist doesn't leave a city without stopping by all the top photo spots. When in Seattle, places like Pike Place Market and the Space Needle are a must-see. Show your IG followers what you've been up to with these cool captions!

Fun Space Needle Instagram Captions

  • Overcoming my fear of needles.

  • Head in the clouds.

  • Hello Seattle, I am a mountaineer.

  • Way up.

  • Lost in space.

Inspiring Space Needle Instagram Captions

  • What's the fun in life without taking risks?

  • City lights fuel happiness.

  • So... how do I get down now?

  • I think I just saw a plane fly below me.

  • You can't put a price on views like these.

Cool Space Needle Instagram Captions

  • Feeling on top of the world.

  • Can I pay rent to just live up here?

  • No stress.

  • Don't settle for ground level.

  • Spoiler alert: we didn't fall.

Cute Space Needle Instagram Captions

  • Up, up & away.

  • Sorry, I can't hear you from all the way up here.

  • What can't I see from up here?

  • Totally different way to see Seattle.

  • I could get used to this view.

Chill Space Needle Instagram Captions

  • The world is your oyster.

  • Reaching new heights.

  • Rainy day views.

  • Getting over my fear of needles one "space" needle at a time!

  • Don't bother trying to reach me up here.

  • West coast chillin'.

  • Sometimes, you need a new perspective.

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