The Most Talented Quarterbacks in NFL History, Ranked

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NFL football is one of the biggest aspects of American culture today. Sunday's are for relaxing, having a beer, and watching football on the couch with your neighbors. Honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way!

With the Super Bowl coming up on February 3rd, this one has really been on our minds! The NFL has seen a ton of talented quarterbacks stick out through the years, but only a few have really stuck with fans. It takes a special kind of talent to go down in history as an absolute legend.

We've compiled a list of 9 of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history, and they will all probably look very familiar to you. Go ahead and take a look at the ranking, you might get a little too excited!

Ben Roethlisberger

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Roethlisberger has been a quarterback superstar for the Pittsburgh Steerlers since he was first drafted back in 2005.

Jimmy Garoppolo

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Garoppolo won two Super Bowls when he played for the patriots as backup for Tom Brady, he now is a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

Drew Brees

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At 39 years old, Drew Brees has had a long successful career in the NFL. He currently plays as quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Tom Brady

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Tom Brady will go down in history as an NFL quarterback legend. He's the only player to win five Super Bowls while playing for one team, the New England Patriots.

Peyton Manning

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A former NFL football player, Peyton Manning played a whopping of 18 seasons, mostly wit the Indianapolis Colts.

Brett Favre

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Another former NFL quarterback star, Brett Favre played for the Green Bay Packers for most of his NFL career.

Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers played college football for the California Golden Bears, going on to pursue his NFL career with the Green Bay Packers.

Cam Newton

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Cameron Newton was the first overall draft pick by the Carolina Panthers in 2011. He continues to play for the Panthers.

Dan Mario

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Although retired from the NFL, Dan Mario goes down in history as one of the best quarterbacks. He played seventeen seasons for the Miami Dolphins.