What Commitment To Yourself Should You Make This Month Based On Your Sign

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In order to thrive and grow, people must overcome their weaknesses. Find out what type of commitment you should make to yourself this month based on your Zodiac sign!



An Aries may struggle with being impulsive or impatient. A great commitment for an Aries to make to themselves this month is one to consistency. Being able to practice consistency requires a lot of patience. With consistency comes happiness and complacence.



A Taurus often struggles with being stubborn. This month, a Taurus will find it helpful to commit to having an open mind. Having an open mind to all types of situations that life tends to throw around will make coping less painful. Committing to open-mindedness will lead a Taurus to greater happiness and satisfaction.



It is no secret that a Gemini struggles with becoming nervous. Therefore, a Gemini should commit to bravery this month. A Gemini should let their fears build them up, rather than force them into hiding. This will allow a Gemini to reach their goals without letting their nerves hinder their success.



A Cancer finds their weakness is pessimism. This month, a Cancer should make a commitment to optimism. Each day should be taken as a new opportunity to grow, and each mistake should be seen as a lesson rather than a failure.



A Leo may struggle with being lazy. A great commitment for a Leo to make this month is to be hard-working. Having a strong work ethic can build a person up socially and emotionally. A Leo should strive for success at work and in their personal life.



A Virgo may often struggle with being shy and worrying what others think of them. This month, a Virgo should commit to coming out of their comfort zone. This may include speaking up for themselves more often, or just trying new things. Either way, a Virgo will be happy to grow as a person.



A Libra struggles with self-pity. This month, a Libra may find it helpful to commit to self-respect. Taking pride in what you do will boost your confidence, allowing you to strive for goals that never seemed attainable.



A Scorpio may struggle with aggression or anger. A great commitment for a Scorpio to make this month is one to self-control. It is very easy for anyone to let emotions lead to irrational decisions. A Scorpio will find peace when they learn to control their anger and use a clear mind to make well-thought-out decisions.



A Sagittarius finds themselves struggling with impatience. This month, a Sagittarius should make a commitment to patience. Patience encourages a clear mind and humble thoughts. When a Sagittarius is able to tolerate delay or suffering, they will find themselves at a greater peace of mind.



A Capricorn may struggle with acting like a know-it-all. A great commitment for a Capricorn to make this month is to be humble. Recognizing their place as equal to those around them will allow them to be happier. Staying humble is not as easy task, but a Capricorn's discipline will allow them to stick to this commitment.



An Aquarius may struggle with feelings of limitation. This month, an Aquarius should make a commitment to thoughts of expansion. When an Aquarius begins to explore what they are truly capable of, they will find great success.



A Pisces may find weakness in fear. A great commitment for a Pisces to make this month is one to trying new things. Stepping outside of your comfort zone may open a world of opportunities. A Pisces should use their fears as motivation, rather than limitation.

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