Why Sara Ramirez Won't Return to Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It's official, Sara Ramirez won't be coming back to play our beloved Callie on Grey's Anatomy. And we've finally figured out why!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Let's admit it, everything was better when Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) was head of orthopedic surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial. Ever since Callie left Grey's Anatomy, the hallways have felt a bit emptier. If you want to hear a real heart breaker, Shonda Rhimes actually tried to plan for Callie to return for the season 14 finale of Grey's, but as we know, things never go as planned.   

So why isn't Callie returning to Grey's Anatomy? And why didn't she at least come back for the season 14 finale when Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) left? Callie obviously played a huge role in the forming of Grey's up until what it has become, and we wanted to find out what really happened.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

There's been plenty of times we've blamed Rhimes for taking away our favorite characters. When Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) was killed off, we had to shift our anger somewhere. Plenty of us blamed Rhimes for that one. However, this time we should be thanking her for at least trying to get us our beloved Callie back!

It turns out Ramirez's role on the CBS White House drama Madam Secretary prevented her from having any spare time to focus on Grey's-- even from saying one final goodbye. Rhimes actually reached out and tried to bring Ramirez back, even just for the season 14 finale.

"Let me tell you something — we tried," Rhimes said in an Instagram Story. "CBS has a hold of her. Because she's on [Madam Secretary] And we can't get her. But we love her. Always. This is her home. Come home Callie." 

According to Rhimes, she planned to have Ramirez appear in the season 14 finale to finish the season off strong and show fans a little love. Unfortunately, the most we got from Callie was a text message to Arizona expressing her excitement to see her. We would have loved to physically see Callie, but at least we can be content with her and Arizona having a happy ending.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Okay, we admit we're being a little selfish here wishing we could have had Callie back, even just one more time. Ramirez has been with Grey's Anatomy for so many years, we're happy to see her career take off in new directions. And we're forgetting how much worse this could be. With the track record Grey's Anatomy has, Callie could be dead.

We're not getting Callie back, and we just have to learn to move on...again. Sadly, there's just not enough Ramirez to go around for everyone!