Cheap Movie Theaters In Long Beach, California

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Cheap Movie Theaters In Long Beach

Long Beach, California is home to some beautiful beaches and exciting excursions. But what you may not know is that this populous city also hosts some pretty inexpensive movie theaters.

So, if you're looking for a cheap theater to catch the latest blockbuster, look no further than the five cinemas on this list.

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1. United Artists Long Beach 6

Located at 6601 East Pacific Coast Highway, United Artists Long Beach 6 is a smaller theater near Alamitos Bay. Tickets are typically $12 for adults, but $10 for seniors and children. If you have the Regal Crown Club Card, you can receive 25% off candy every Monday and 50% off popcorn every Tuesday.

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2. AMC Marina Pacifica 12

Right off the 1, AMC Marina Pacifica 12 is located at 6346 East Pacific Coast Highway at the Marina Pacifica Mall. An adult ticket will cost you $13, whereas a child ticket is $10 and a senior ticket is $11. You do get the option to pick your seat, which is always nice.

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3. Edwards Long Beach 26 & IMAX

One of the busiest Regal movie theaters on the West Coast, Edwards Long Beach 26 & IMAX has a plethora of screens. You can catch a regular movie, 3D, or IMAX 3D film at this theater, which is located at 7501 East Carson Blvd. The IMAX and 3D tickets will cost you a pretty penny, but their regular movie tickets are $10 for adults and $9 for children and seniors.

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4. Cinemark

Located at The Pike Outlets on 99 South Pine Avenue, Cinemark has a $10 matinee price for adults. After 5 p.m., the ticket price increases to $12. At Cinemark, it pays to see a movie earlier in the day.

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5. Art Theater

Art Theater, located at 2025 East 4th Street, is about as small as theaters get. Originally opened in 1925, this historic theater has since undergone renovations to uphold its image, but it still only has the one screen. It's also the only independently owned theater in Long Beach today. Tickets will cost adults $11.50, but it's only $9 if you catch a film before 5 p.m. Both seniors and adults can expect to pay $8.50 per ticket no matter what time the showing is.

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