15 Best Family of Three Halloween Costume Ideas

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Good things come in threes!

Three's Not a Crowd When It Comes to These Family Halloween Costumes

Some would say three's a crowd, but we believe three's company.

With Halloween right around the corner, there's no time like the present to start planning the perfect costume for your trio.

Whether you're into all things Disney or prefer to keep things simple, we've rounded up some of the most clever family of three Halloween costume ideas for you to browse through. Find the best one for your tight-knit crew below!

1. Mickey, Minnie, & Mickey’s Biggest Fan

A fun take on a classic family costume, this is perfect for the ultimate Disney-loving family. You can even create this exact costume by following the DIY here.

2. 'Inside Out' Characters

Obviously, there are more than three characters in Pixar's Inside Out, but have each one of you pick your favorite emotion and dress as them for Halloween. One thing's for sure, you'll have quite an emotional Halloween.

3. 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Characters

Another film with way more than three characters, this Gamora, Star-Lord, and baby Groot group costume is too perfect for the heroic family of three.

4. 'Harry Potter' Characters

In another timeline, we're sure this is a cute little family making waves in the Harry Potter universe. All you need is a little magic to make it come to life.

5. Bee, Beekeeper, & Beehive

The trio we didn't know we needed, a bee, beekeeper, and beehive is one of the sweetest family of three Halloween costumes there is. You can even slip in a little Beyoncé reference and make it a Beyhive.

6. 'Alice in Wonderland' Characters

You can't go wrong with this whimsical group of wacky characters. Even if you separate, everyone will know who you are, which is always a plus with any group Halloween costume.

7. Flock of Flamingos

This costume is so simple, but so freaking cute. You'll be getting compliments all through the night, so enjoy it while it lasts.

8. School of Sharks

Take a bite out of Halloween by going with this trio of sharks as your costume of choice. Another easy one to replicate, you'll be more comfortable than those who opted for an intricate costume for the occasion.

9. Circus Characters

This trio went with the strong man, lion, and ring master for their circus-themed Halloween costume, but you and your crew can be any characters that best suit your personalities.

10. Fred, Wilma, & Pebbles Flintstone

An iconic family of three Halloween costume, it's the perfect way to introduce your kiddo to the Flinstones. A cinematic history lesson in a costume? What could be better?

11. Pizza Generations

The best part is that you can add some real pizza pies to devour when you get hungry while trick-or-treating the night away.

12. Popeye, Olive Oyl, & Spinach

Your little one might not be overly excited on being a can of spinach, but at least you and your partner will look adorable. And that's really all that matters, right?

13. 'Up' Characters

Looking to have an adventurous Halloween? You'd benefit from dressing up as Carl, Russell, and Kevin for the evening. Adventure is out there!

14. 'Jurassic Park' Characters

Life has found a way in this Jurassic Park-inspired Halloween costume. Chances are you already have some of the clothes needed for this ensemble in your closet, so all you need is a little dino costume for your little one.

15. Sun, Rainbow, & Rain

Don't want to carry around your kid all night? Putting them in this stroller costume will allow you to wheel them around instead. Find the DIY here!

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