15 Thanksgiving Memes That Offer Endless Entertainment

Monica with an uncooked turkey on her head in a Thanksgiving episode on 'Friends'
Friends via NBC

You can never be full from too much laughter!

15 Thanksgiving Memes That'll Keep You Entertained Until the Food Is Ready

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time to reconnect with family we forgot we had while overindulging in food and alcohol to celebrate genocide. What a holiday.

If there's one thing we all need to get through Turkey Day unscathed (apart from stretchy pants and cocktails), it's humor. There's nothing like a good laugh to keep the negativity at bay.

While you wait for your Thanksgiving feast to be ready, fill yourself up on laughter with help from these Thanksgiving memes. They'll surely remind you what the holiday is all about!

1. Sorry, We're Hungry:

2. Shout Out to All the Vegans:

3. Not Every Fight Has to Be About Politics:

4. His Face Says It All:

5. Wine, Wine, Wine, We Love Wine:

6. We're Just Trying to Help:

7. Can't Wait:

8. Turkey Day Never Pans Out as Planned:

9. We're Thankful for People Who Don't Post About Their Thanksgiving Meals:

10. Here We Go:

11. What Would We Do Without Our Stretchy Pants:

12. This Is the Way:

13. We Wish We Had a River of Mashed Potatoes to Sail Away On:

14. Please Stop Asking These Questions:

15. Two Can Play That Game:

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