Wine-Flavored Lip Balms Exist to Make Your Life Better

Green Koala's Pinot Grigio wine-flavored lip balm
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Keep your favorite wine at lip's length!

Green Koala's Wine-Flavored Lip Balms Are a Dream Come True

Nothing makes us happier than sipping on our go-to line of pinot grigio after a long stressful day (or any day, for that matter).

Though we can't (and shouldn't, no matter how much we want to) drink it all the time, we can make sure the tantalizing taste of this lime and lemon blend never leaves our lips without taking a single sip from the bottle. You're probably wondering how. Normally, we're not ones to share our secrets, but this one is too good not to shout from the rooftops.

Eco-friendly company Green Koala has just launched a line of wine-flavored lip balms to keep your lips hydrated in more ways than one.

They may not have been the first company to create a collection of alcohol-inspired lip products, but they're the only ones who've made something eco-friendly thus far. And in this type of climate, that's really what matters most.

The four pack of lip balm (retailed at $13.95) features cabernet, sangria, pink champagne, and pinot grigio-flavored lip balms, so there's a tube for everyone.

If you're a huge fan of one type of wine, you can purchase individual balms for $3.95 each. Obviously, we stocked up on pinot grigo, which is flavored with lemon, lime, green apples, and honeysuckle and features a light, shimmery tint.

As far as lip products go, this line from Green Koala is now the only balm we need in our makeup arsenal. Why settle for regular ol' chapstick that isn't going to keep you buzzed off happiness all day long?

You can purchase the set of Green Koala wine-flavored lip balms here. Don't forget to browse their site for some other fun skincare and body care items.

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