Get to Know Grüvi, Your New Favorite Alcohol-Free Drink

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Booze-free is the way to be!

Lose the Alcohol, Not Your Favorite Drink With Grüvi's Booze-Free Beverages

Whether you've read Ruby Warrington's Sober Curious or have been thinking about cutting down on alcohol for some time, you're not alone.

Dry January has extended well into the other months of the year for many. Elective sobriety is on the rise, but for some, parting with their favorite alcoholic beverage is a difficult bridge to cross.

Thankfully, there are plenty of alcohol-free companies brewing beers, wines, and spirits without the booze. One of our personal favorites is Grüvi.

Created with the idea of losing the alcohol, not your favorite drink, Grüvi offers a selection of non-alcoholic drinks that are unparalleled to others on the market.

We chatted with Niki Sawni, co-founder of Grüvi, to discover how it came to be, what goes into making their line of beverages, and more. Read our exclusive interview now! What inspired Grüvi?

Niki Sawni: Grüvi was inspired by the idea that being social doesn’t always have to involve drinking alcohol. With Grüvi, you can still enjoy a girls’ night out without compromising your health or having to nurture that hangover the next morning. As a society, we are slowly starting to talk about alcohol’s true impact on our communities, and why it is embedded so deeply in our culture. By creating great-tasting NA drinks, we are trying to challenge that norm, drink by drink.

Grüvi launched six months ago, and as a company, we are continuing to grow every day. One of our priorities as a team is to get out and immerse ourselves into our communities, meeting new customers and learning their stories. Through this, we have truly realized that there are so many people, who for all sorts of reasons are looking for an NA craft beer or wine. Whether you are sober, sober curious, pregnant, or just taking a night off drinking, we want you to feel included. We are beyond grateful for the positive response we have received thus far and can’t wait to expand to new cities and learn more about your stories.

WDC: Why the idea for non-alcoholic beers and wines?

NS: NA beer and wine have been a much-neglected category, and we wanted to push ourselves to innovate beyond what was being offered on the market. We sought to create new, non-alcoholic styles that had never been brewed before. Also, NA beer is actually healthy to consume; once there is no alcohol, the drink becomes much lower in calories and carbs.

We chose to enter into this growing market as more and more people choose to omit alcohol from their lives. While some cut out alcohol completely, others are just choosing to cut back or consume healthier options for themselves.

We are in an age of endless options, but the options for NA are fairly limited. We believe everyone deserves a drink to keep them healthy and staying social with their friends.

WDC: How does Grüvi differ from other non-alcoholic beverages on the market?

NS: The process we use to brew Grüvi is fairly unique compared to other NA brands. Most brew the beer to full strength, then remove the alcohol by heating it up, which in turn ruins the flavor and integrity of the beer. We use a different process called arrested fermentation, which utilizes a yeast that doesn’t ferment into high amounts of alcohol. This helps preserve the true flavor of our beer, without having any alcohol in the first place.

We offer styles that are really limited in the NA category. Our IPA is brewed with citra, galaxy, and mosaic hops, and drinks as a crisp, light hopped brew. We also created the first NA sour on the market, which is our take on the classic sour wheat beer from Germany, a Berliner Weisse. Our prosecco, the first of its kind, is made with a blend of wine grapes and is a gluten and sulfite-free option for our customers.

WDC: How were the current flavors decided on? Are there plans to expand?

NS: Our three styles were chosen to cover a wide variety of taste preferences. IPAs are continually the best-selling craft beer style, with sours now becoming another hot favorite. The prosecco was made for those who may not like beer, or just want something a bit sweeter.

We hope to feature seasonal batches throughout the year, and we are excited to announce a Grüvi stout arriving for the winter months.

WDC: What's one dish or food item each flavor pairs best with?

NS: Our IPA is the perfect pairing for Taco Tuesdays,with carnitas tacos being our favorite combo.

Our Weisse is best paired with traditional German food, like giant pretzels and smoked sausages.

Our prosecco and crispy salty shoestring fries are a match made in heaven. Seriously, the bubbly crispy salty-sweet combo is like none other. Our prosecco is also great with a charcuterie board, perfect for your next gathering.

WDC: What do you hope consumers take away from drinking Grüvi?

NS: We want people to really look at their relationship with alcohol; is it something that is always necessary? Can it be cut down or cut out? Here at Grüvi, we give that choice to our consumers. Through this, we can teach people to know that the option is there. You can enjoy great craft beer and wine, without the alcohol.

Overall, we want people to feel comfortable and included in whatever experiences they want to partake in. By creating a healthy NA option, we really encourage our consumers to enjoy their social lives without any compromise to their personal choices.

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