15 Empowering Halsey Quotes to Live Your Life By

Halsey with a pink buzzcut performing in her \Without Me\ music video
"Without Me" by Halsey via Capitol Records

You can't live without these quotes!

We're Taking These Empowering Halsey Quotes With Us to the 'Graveyard'

We all know Halsey as a singer-songwriter who doesn't hold anything back.

Honest and raw, her music doesn't censor or filter the difficulties she has endured throughout her life. From breakups to mental health struggles, she has shared it all with those who are willing to listen.

Even outside of her lyrics, Halsey isn't afraid to speak her mind. It's one of the things we admire most about her, and why we constantly turn to her words when we need some life advice.

Check out some of the most empowering Halsey quotes that'll push you to be the very best version of you now!

Best Halsey Quotes

  • "It can be difficult going through a period of time where you feel depressed because it can become your identifier. In the sense that you wake up, you're depressed; you talk to your friends, you're complaining that you're depressed; you talk to your parents, you're unmotivated. You know what you could do to try to overcome it - although obviously there's no cure - but you start to feel like, 'What will happen to me if I feel better? Who am I when I'm happy. I'm so used to feeling like this.'"

  • "The environment around you shapes who you are. How you handle an emergency or how you react when someone is rude to you, that's you."

  • "I write songs very quickly, so the 20 minutes of joy I get out of writing a song doesn't compare to the two months of joy I get engaging with the people who like my music."

  • "I have to remember for every kid saying something awful, there's a kid saying something great."

  • "Pop music really is a love and a joy and a science [of songwriting]."

Inspiring Halsey Quotes

  • "And thank god I sat down to write and realized I wasn't angry anymore. It feels good to have that wait off my chest."

  • "I'm 24 years old and I have spider veins. You can't scare me."

  • "Being an artist and having a following can be a very scary thing because idolization makes you question your inner role in the universe. A lot of people get caught up in this idea of, 'Wow! This world does revolve around me,' and it most certainly does not. It's the exact opposite; these people don't exist for you, you exist for them."

  • "You can be accessible without catering to an audience."

  • "I want any kid who listens to my music to see that I am confident with all elements of my personality that I can't change."

Empowering Halsey Quotes

  • "I wake up every day wild-eyed and spongy, trying to do things better than the last time."

  • "If I want to hang out with people, they unfortunately need to be working as often as I am."

  • "I wake up every day and think about what I am to other people. What I am to the people I employ, who depend on me to wake up and do my job that day and keep this career going? I think about what I am to the kids who listen to my music and all the other people involved in this project."

  • "Please don't erase my race because I'm white-passing. There is literally nothing I can do about my complexion."

  • "Sometimes I want to have really good sex and sometimes I want to save the world, and sometimes I might try to do both in the same day!"

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