Reddit Reveals How Soon After a Divorce You Can Start Dating

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How Soon After a Divorce Can You Start Dating? Reddit Has Some Advice

Wondering how long you should wait after a divorce to start dating again? Well, you've come to the right place.

Everyone has an opinion on the matter. Some suggest waiting until your divorce has been finalized for over a year, while others note you can start seeing other people whenever you feel ready. So which one is it?

We're no experts, but Reddit users love to pretend they are. We've rounded up some advice on when you should put yourself back out there after a divorce from the lovely users on Reddit.

Don't worry, we've screened these to make sure they're the very best of the best!

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Wait Until Your Divorce Is Finalized

Reddit user thechunkymonkey admitted they waited until they were separated from their spouse, but realized even that was too soon to put themselves back out there.

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Get Back Out There ASAP

For Reddit user Sizzleen, she was eager to get back into the dating pool.

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You'll Think You're Ready, but Are You?

Reddit user localgyro thought they were ready to start dating relatively quickly after their divorce, but then went through a period where they realized it was all happening too fast.

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A Few Months Are Good for Some

Reddit user PBanJ shared that a waiting just a handful of months after their separation worked for them.

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While a Few Years Work for Others

Reddit user Gettmore noted that waiting a few years after their separation made it easier to get back into the dating game.

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Make Sure Every Post-Divorce Detail Is Sorted Before Dating

Reddit user plabo77 shared they made sure they every last detail of their divorce was sorted out before they began dating.

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Trust Yourself

Reddit user YMMVSPSFD put it best when they said to "trust yourself to know when you're actually ready versus just thinking you are."

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