Review of Hum Nutrition's Vegan Hair Sweet Hair Gummy Hearts

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They're also vegan!

Hum Nutrition's Vegan Hair Sweet Hair Gummy Hearts Review

Vegan vitamins and supplements can often be fairly difficult to find.

I'll spare you the spiel, but most vitamins and supplements contain a variety of non-vegan ingredients, namely gelatin.

There are probably a variety of vegan options on the market, but I am just too lazy to put in the time and effort to find them. Lucky for me, some fell right in my lap.

While scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across a post for Hum Nutrition's vegan gummy vitamins, Hair Sweet Hair.

Upon discovering they are in fact vegan, I reached out to a Hum Nutrition rep who was kind enough to send me a 30 day supply.

Keep scrolling to learn more about these vegan vitamins and my month-long experience with them!

About Hum Nutrition's Vegan Hair Sweet Hair Gummy Hearts

If you couldn't guess from the name Hair Sweet Hair gummies work to support healthy follicles and hair growth using a unique formula including Fl-Ti and PABA.

The most important ingredient in the gummy hearts is biotin, a water soluble B vitamin. A study found that 38 percent of women with hair loss were found to have a biotin deficiency and supplementation helped improve hair growth. The more you know.

One container holds a 30 day supply of heart gummies that can be taken at any time with or without food. Knowing this made me feel at ease, because I am horrible at remembering to take vitamins at a certain time and I rarely ever take them with food. So if you're like me, these vegan supplements are perfect for you for that reason alone.

Now let's get to the fun part, my review of the gummies.

My Experience With Hum Nutrition's Hair Sweet Hair Gummy Hearts

I must admit, I was at first skeptical of these vegan gummies. While I'm all for achieving luscious locks as fast as possible, some of these vitamins and supplements don't really do all they're promised. I'm looking at you, Sugar Bear Hair. You might be able to fool the rest of Instagram, but you can't pull the wool over my eyes.

Anyway, as I was saying, I wasn't completely onboard with these gummies when I first got them. What if they tasted funny? What if they didn't work? What if, what if, what if?

Then, I tried them. I took two one morning and I actually really liked them. They tasted just like any other berry-flavored gummy, only these ones actually did something for my hair.

Within two weeks, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my hair. I have fairly split ends as the result of dyeing my hair too much too fast. Don't worry, I've stopped, but my hair hasn't quite recovered.

There's a particular section that is so frizzy and fried, it looks worse than a Barbie dolls hair after a 4-year-old takes some scissors to it. After consistently eating the gummies every morning, I noticed those frazzled ends slowly start to become softer and healthier. I won't say it's completely gone, but my ends look more nourished than ever before.

As for the rest of my locks, they're all sorts of shiny and glossy. My tresses have even been growing a bit faster than before, which is yet another added benefit of these delicious heart-shaped gummies.

Vegan or not, I absolutely recommend giving these gummies a test run for a month. Your hair will surely thank you.

You can purchase your own set of Hair Sweet Hair gummies here! (Yes, that is an affiliate link, which means may collect a share of sales or other compensation from it.)

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