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How to Make the Most of L.A. Times' Food Bowl, According to a Food Editor

Any Los Angeles-based foodie looks forward to one major event every single year—the L.A. Times Food Bowl. And we're happy to report it's back for it's third annual installment, this time featuring more food than your stomach will know what to do with (we mean that in the best possible way, of course).

Running the entire month of May, Food Bowl kicks off Tuesday, April 30 with a very special opening night event. The festivities will begin at Mesamérica L.A. with chef Enrique Olvera, then end with a progressive party at DFiesta. How could you not want to purchase tickets for this soiree?

Before you go, you should probably know all you can expect from this year's Food Bowl. Lucky for you, we went straight to the source. We sat down with L.A. Times food editor Andrea Chang to get the scoop on how this Food Bowl will be different than its predecessors, what she loves most about it, and the restaurants she's most excited to enjoy this year.

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Photo courtesy of Innovative PR How does this year’s Food Bowl compare to years past?

Andrea Chang: It's more of a well-oiled machine; it's our third year of doing it. I think there are just as many events as before, we've got like 200 different events. To me, it feels a little bit more international in scope. We've got people coming in from Tokyo, Istanbul, Thailand, and Mexico City. It's going to be a nice representation, a nice mix of L.A. and other places around the world.

WDC: What do you enjoy most about Food Bowl?

AC: I think what I enjoy most about Food Bowl is that opportunity to be forced to get out into the city, and go to all of these different events that are happening everywhere. Normally, you get into a groove of your life where you're hitting up a lot of the same restaurants, or only being tied to your little neighborhood. With Food Bowl, it's like 'Okay, today I'm going to be on Sawtelle, and then tomorrow I'm downtown, and then I'm gonna be in the valley, and then I'm in Orange County.' There are just a lot of places to discover and explore, both geographically and food wise.

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WDC: Which food spots and restaurants are you most excited to see at the event this year?

AC: I am excited about the Kato x Baroo collaboration, which is bringing together two of my favorite L.A. restaurants, which is Jon Yao, who's like a young Taiwanese-American chef, at Keto in West L.A. He's teaming up with Barro, which is this little Korean-esque, fermentation-heavy, restaurant that closed in East Hollywood. They're now doing a pop-up, it's a very L.A. story. So, the two of them are teaming up, and they're doing a one-night dinner, which I think is going to be fantastic.

Also, really excited about Konbi x Tsubaki Collaboration Dinner. Tsubaki being this Japanese izakaya in Echo Park, teaming up with Konbi, who does Japanese Sando's, and really amazing chocolate croissants. The two of them are doing a dinner together, which I think is going to be fantastic.

On the high end, Jordan Kahn of Vespertine, Niki Nakayama of n/naka, Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, and Virgilio Martinez of Central in Lima. The four of them are heavy hitters in the restaurant world, and they're doing a huge dinner in Vespertine, which I think is going to be outstanding.

WDC: What’s a common misconception about Food Bowl?

AC: I think one of the things people get confused about Food Bowl is just the breadth of it—it's so big, it's hard to comprehend. I think we're trying to do a better job of explaining to readers what they can expect from Food Bowl, so we are putting out a How To (kind of a cheeky "How To Food Bowl") to make it feel more manageable and understandable to readers.

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WDC: What are your top tips for people to make the most of their food bowl experience?

AC: I think one of them is to just get organized. Spend some time and look at the full lineup. It will take a little bit of your day to wrap your head around these 200 events. But you know, there's ways to filter through the content. If you're just looking for collaboration dinners, or if you just want to see movie screenings, book signings, or whatever, filter it down and hone in on the ones that interest you the most.

I'd say buy tickets early. I was really surprised by how quickly a lot of these things sold out. That Keto x Barro dinner sold out very quickly. Anything that's a hot ticket, people do know, and you just got to get in early.

Another tip would be to pick a night of Night Market and attend that. I think Night Market's just a very fun event; bring your friends, go to Grand Park, hit up a bunch of different vendors, spread it all out on a picnic table, and just go at it.

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