15 Las Vegas Instagram Captions for Your Wild Trip

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Best Las Vegas Instagram Captions

What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas. Most of the time, it ends up on our Instagram—only the good parts, of course.

When you're living your life in Sin City, you're likely going to take plenty of photos with your friends, family, S.O., and even yourself to show the world how great of a time you're having there.

Along with the picture, you'll need a clever, funny, or unique caption to accompany the post, which we are more than happy to provide. Check out all the Vegas IG captions you need below!

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Clever and Saucy Las Vegas Instagram Captions

•"Goodbye reality, hello Vegas." -Unknown

•"If only you knew what really happens in Vegas." -Unknown

•"I'd just like to apologize in advance for my behavior in Vegas." -Unknown

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Las Vegas Quotes

•"Las Vegas looks the way you'd imagine heaven must look at night." -Chuck Palahnuik

•"Las Vegas is sort of how God would do it if he had money." -Steve Wynn

•"Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas." -Drew Carey

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Short and Sweet Las Vegas Instagram Captions

•"Ready, set, Vegas!" -Unknown

•"Vegas, baby." -Unknown

•"Viva Las Vegas." -"Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley

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Cute Las Vegas Instagram Captions

•"City of lights, smiles, and memories." -Unknown

•"Vegas, here I come." -Unknown

•"Shiniest place on Earth." -Unknown

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Funny Las Vegas Instagram Captions

•"I can't wait to be ashamed of what we do in Vegas." -Unknown

•"It's called Sin City for a reason." -Unknown

•"Let the chips fall where they may." -Unknown

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