Charming Lockets for Women They'll Never Want to Take Off

The locket from A Little Princess
A Little Princess via Warner Bros. Pictures

Jewelry is always a good idea!

Best Lockets for Women

If you're going to buy the woman in your life some jewelry this holiday season, we highly recommend it's a locket.

Not only can they hold special photos and be engraved with sweet sayings, they go with everything and are something she'll never want to take off.

Not sure which type of locket to get? We've rounded up the best options for you to chose from below!

Sterling Silver Lockets

Gold can sometimes be too flashy, which is why the more subtle sterling silver option is always a good way to go.

14K Yellow Gold Lockets

Yellow gold lockets are as classic as they come, so if that's what you're going for, opt for one of these.

14K White Gold Lockets

If you're looking for something a little more softer than yellow gold, white cold is a fantastic way to go.

14K Rose Gold Lockets

Nothing screams "I love you" more than rose gold, so give them one of these lockets if that's the way you really feel.

18K Gold Lockets

Willing to splurge on a locket for the woman in your life? We highly suggest one of these 18K gold options.

Platinum Lockets

Rounding out the list, we have some gorgeous platinum lockets. Because when your bond is this strong, platinum is the only metal for you.

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