7 Inexpensive Luggage Brands Like Rimowa

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They're just as durable as Rimowa, but for a fraction of the cost.

Why Spend Over $1K on Rimowa Luggage When These Inexpensive Brands Exist?

Anyone knows that a luggage is a necessity for travel.

For those who are frequent fliers, Rimowa is often the preferred choice. But for those who don't travel as often, the brand can be somewhat expensive. With some of their luggage options retailing for over $1K, we wouldn't say they're the best fit for those who travel once in a blue moon.

Still, the brand does offer some of the best luggage around. That being said, there are brands who are just as durable and stylish as Rimowa and are a fraction of the cost.

We've rounded up seven for you, so check them out below!

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1. Away

Visit their site here!

Away is a brand that has only been around for a few years, but they quickly skyrocketed to the top of everyone's list for favorite luggage brands. With their reasonably priced options, it's easy to see why. The best part about Away is there is a greater purpose behind their brand. Every purchase made goes to support Peace Direct, a non-profit created to bring peace to areas of conflict.

2. Herschel Supply Co.

Visit their site here!

A trusted name in apparel, Herschel Supply Co. also offers an extensive range of luggage for every type of traveler. From hard-shell to soft-shell and carry-on to check-in, you're sure to find luggage that suits your needs and is within your budget.

3. Patagonia

Visit their site here!

For those who are more adventurous and daring in their travels, a rolling or duffle bag from Patagonia may be exactly what you need to keep your belongings safe on your next trip to the farthest reaches of the world. Patagonia is also a brand that does a lot for the world, so supporting them is always in your best interest.

4. Antler

Visit their site here!

If you're all about traveling in style, then Antler is the brand for you. Each and every luggage option they offer is more than worthy of being featured in all your travel pics. Their range comes highly recommended by many travelers and all are designed to last you years and years. It's safe to say it's worth the investment.

5. American Tourister

Visit their site here!

American Tourister has all the luggage you could imagine and then some on their site. And it is all so incredibly inexpensive that you'll have a problem just buying one rolling bag. If you're stuck between two options, get them both.

6. Samsonite

Visit their site here!

Smasonite is another incredibly inexpensive brand with more than enough options to offer. Sleek and stylish, their line of luggage, backpacks, and bags are the chicest way to travel.

7. Briggs & Riley

Visit their site here!

All the travel bags you could ever need are available on Briggs & Riley. Though they are a little bit pricier than the other options on this list, the quality and craftsmanship of them is worth the splurge.

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