16 Tweets About the Met Gala That Are Too Funny Not to Share

Meme for the 2019 Met Gala about men only wearing black suits
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We Can't Help But Laugh at These Met Gala Tweets

Any fashion-lover knows that the first Monday in May is dedicated to the one and only Met Gala. This year was no exception.

The most famous celebrities in all the world donned their best frocks as they strutted their stuff up and down the steps of the Met. With this year's theme being Camp, there were plenty of adventurous and extra looks. Some people nailed the theme, while others paled in comparison to the powerhouses that brought it.

Though the looks were hit or miss, the tweets during the extravagant affair weren't. We've rounded up some of the most hilarious tweets about the Met Gala 2019 fashion for you all to chuckle over. Check 'em out below!

1. Hilary Duff is a true Camp icon:

2. Happy Hunger Games:

3. A black suit? Groundbreaking:

4. We totally see it:

5. Even more possible inspo for Kendall and Kylie:

6. We can't unsee this either:

7. He... he wore a black suit:

8. So is Celine Dion playing Yzma in a live-action version of The Emperor's New Groove:

9. She IS Camp:

10. We want to swing from this chandelier:


12. Michael Scott, duh:

13. No one did their research:

14. Why chase rainbows when you can be the rainbow:

15. We're so sorry for this one, Serena:

16. Who would've thought Dwight would be serving up Camp inspo:

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