12 'Modern Love' Quotes That'll Melt Your Icy Heart

modern love
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This show is filled with love in every sense of the word!

We've Finally Found Our Heart Thanks to These Modern Love Quotes

If you want to be reminded that love is the most magical thing in all of the world, watching Amazon's Modern Love will restore your faith.

Our heart happened to grow three sizes larger from the first episode alone. And by the end of the series, it was almost exploding out of our chest.

We laughed, we cried, and we were given many lessons in what love is really about. In case you haven't already binged it like we did, we rounded up the best Modern Love quotes that will give you a little taste of what you can expect. Read them now!

Best Modern Love Quotes

  • "I was never looking at the man, Maggie, I was looking at your eyes." -Guzmin

  • "I'm really good at dating." -Yasmine

  • "Don't do it because you're scared. You must own your actions in life." -Guzmin

  • "Love is trust, and you broke it." -Joshua

Cute Modern Love Quotes

  • "Old love is different, yet, it is also the same. Because Ken and I did everything that young people do. We fell in love, we traveled, we remodeled a house together, we planted a garden, I finished a memoir, he called me sweetheart." -Margot

  • "The love we had in our past—unfinished, untested, lost love—seems so easy, so childish to those of us who choose to settle down. But actually, it is the purest, most concentrated stuff." -Julie

  • "Surely there is someone out there who will take me for who I am." -Lexi

  • "This is me at my most inviting." -Rob

Sweet Modern Love Quotes

  • "I was hoping that we could carry on where we left off." -Michael

  • "If you can find love in a supermarket early in the morning, you know you can trust it." -Lexi

  • "So I've been waiting three months just to see you. Actually, 17 years and three months to see you." -Michael

  • "So what are you looking for?" -Lexi

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