7 Sexy Plus-Size Bridal Lingerie Sets for Every Bride

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The real party happens after the reception...

Wow on Your Wedding Night With This Plus-Size Bridal Lingerie

Everything about one's wedding is often perfectly planned right down to the most miniscule of details.

Still, there's often one thing brides don't think about—what they'll wear on their wedding night. We're not talking about your reception outfit here, but rather what you'll slip on into before you get down and dirty with your husband or partner.

Though bridal lingerie can be a bit much for some, we're quite fond of the extra dose of sexy it adds to the evening's festivities. For all you plus-size brides out there, finding sultry bridal lingerie is harder than it seems.

As your wedding gift, we went ahead and did the shopping for you. Scroll through our list of the cutest plus-size bridal lingerie now!

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1. Adore Me Ellenora Plus

via Adore Me

Buy it from Adore Me for $24.95 here!

This lacy one-piece will not only excite your groom, but it'll make you feel incredibly sexy. So sexy, in fact, that you won't just want to use it on your wedding night... if you catch our drift. Many, if not all, of the reviews note that this piece fits true to size, so even though you're ordering it online, if you know your measurements, you should be good to go.

2. Frederick's Hollywood Dream Halter Plus-Size Bridal Corset

via Frederick's of Hollywood

Buy it from Frederick's of Hollywood for $39.50 here!

The halter top design gives bustier women the support they need, so they don't have to worry about their girls falling out before they can even get the corset on. Though, would that really be such a bad thing?

3. Angelique Ruffles and Lace Bustier

via Angelique

Buy it from Angelique for $34.95 here!

You may be way too into yourself after slipping this on that your groom won't even be able to take it off. That's okay, there's always a workaround for that.

4. Macy's Dreamgirl Plus-Size Lace Kimono Robe

via Macy's

Buy it from Macy's for $43 here!

Prefer to wear nothing but a lace kimono robe with only a pristine white thong underneath? We're sure your partner will enjoy that, too. This Dreamgirl plus-size robe will suit your wedding night activities perfectly.

5. Angelique Delicate Lace-Trimmed Babydoll

via Angelique

Buy it from Angelique's for $29.95 here!

If everyone thought you looked like a vision in white while wearing your wedding dress, wait until they get a load of you in this lace-trimmed babydoll. Okay, so hopefully they won't be snooping in on your private time with your groom after the wedding, but you'll still look like a vision in this bridal lingerie set for the one person that matters—you!

6. Adore Me Mariora Contour Plus

via Adore Me

Buy it from Adore Me for $24.95 here!

Simple and elegant, this is for the bride who doesn't want to mess with all the frills of typical lingerie and would prefer to get right to the good stuff. Depending on the dress you wear to the reception, you may be able to wear this bra and panty set underneath your outfit.

7. Angelique Elegant Bridal Bra Set

via Angelique

Buy it from Angelique for $29.96 here!

As the name implies, this is the bridal bra set. The rest simply pale in comparison. Though you don't need to wear yours in an orange grove to get the attention you seek, don't knock it until you try it.

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