10 Desk Items That'll Make You More Productive This Year

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Put that brain to work!

Desk Items That'll Make You More Productive

Staying productive isn't as easy as it sounds.

Even once you get into the groove, it's tough to stay there. But it's a new year, which means a chance to work on your productivity.

In case you need a little extra help, we've rounded up 10 desk items that'll make you more productive than you ever thought possible. Scroll below to check them out!

LED Monitor

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Multiple screens are always better than one, because they allow you to get more work done at once. If your to-do list is cluttered with 45 different tasks, adding an extra monitor to your desk setup will surely help you get through everything in record time.

Laptop Stand

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Having your laptop sitting directly on your desk isn't going to cut it. Not only is it not ergonomically correct, but it's bad for your eyes, too. Investing in a laptop stand will make it easier to on your body to keep working when you need to meet those deadlines.

Standing Desk

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Sitting on your butt all day is bad for you in so many ways. We won't get into that here, but we will tell you to invest in a standing desk like this one. It's as inexpensive as a standing desk can get, but works just as well as its more costly counterparts.

Desk Lamp

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The right lighting can make or break your productivity. While natural lighting is always preferred, that's not always possible. But a desk lamp like this one can make it seem as though there is some.

All-in-One Silver Wire Mesh Desk Organizer

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Staying organized with help you stay on track to complete all your tasks. With this all-in-one desk organizer, you'll never spend your days looking for paper, pens, folders, etc.

Happy Bean Succulent

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From purifying the air to boosting your mood, there are so many benefits succulents have to offer. Adding one or two to your desk will keep you focused and ready to tackle the work ahead.

Lemon Zest and Rosemary-Scented Candle

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The lemon scent will help you stay awake, while the rosemary aroma will keep you focused. Can a candle be more productive? We don't think so.

To-Do List

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Having something to write down everything you need to accomplish will help you better stay on track. So how can you pass up this notepad?

SelfControl App

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If you have problems with distractions, then this is the app for you. SelfControl allows you to block websites that stray you from the tasks you're meant to accomplish. And it's free, so it's definitely worth downloading to at least play around with for a bit.


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Chances are you've never heard of this device, but Saent will change your life. It works to maximize focus and productivity through a variety of nifty features. Not only does it function as a distraction blocker, but it also reminds you when you need to take a break. It's the perfect tool for those who really need help getting their productivity in check.

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