Simply's Sarah Boyd Shares Her Best Advice for Entrepreneurs

Simply founder Sarah Boyd standing in front of a step and repeat at Style Week OC at Fashion Island
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It pays to be kind!

Sarah Boyd Has Built a Career Through Connecting With Kindness

Nine years ago, Sarah Boyd had a little idea in her head to start something great.

That idea has since blossomed into Simply, a successful agency specializing in events and brand collaborations to bring together those in the fashion and beauty industry. Simply is all about connecting the dots to help everyone thrive.

The company put this notion to the test with their annual Style Week OC event held at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. From celebrities to beauty and digital marketing professionals, attendees were given the opportunity to gain expert knowledge from the cream of the crop.

For Sarah, it was equally as thrilling to throw the soiree.

"It's so exciting to be here," she says. "From founding this company nine years ago with a little idea in my head to seeing this today with 2000 people coming, it's kind of mind-blowing."

Even though she's been doing this for quite some time, the excitement of it all isn't lost on Sarah. Year after year, Style Week OC is something that inspires her and serves as a reminder of how being kind truly pays off.

"It's been nine years of pounding the pavement and being nice along the way," she shares. "Being the kind girl my whole career has paid off, so it's nice to see that. I love that the tone of this event is set with kindness and everyone's here with good intentions. It's such a good feeling to have such a cool, amazing group of speakers and attendees."

Though Sarah is essentially an event-planning pro, she's had to learn plenty of problem-solving skills along the way. And her tips for dealing with things going wrongs works in many instances, not just events.

"With every disaster that happens, you have to figure it out and move forward," she notes. "It's a lot of problem-solving skills you have to develop over the years for events and in general. There's always something that's going to happen and you just have to learn to roll with the punches. My life motto is don't sweat the small stuff. Everything is fixable. It'll work out."

Through sticking through the thick and thin of founding a company, Sarah has seen Simply thrive. But that wouldn't be the case if she didn't follow through on her idea in the first place, which is why she encourages others to do the same.

"The best advice is do it," she says. "So many people are scared to do it. It's all in between their head. It's so much about your own self telling you you can't or having those negative thoughts, so have positive thoughts and take action. You never know unless you try."

Other than taking action, Sarah also encourages anyone starting a new project to understand it takes time. Good things don't happen over night, no matter what social media may have you believing.

"I wish I had patience going in, because good things take time," she shares. "I always thought I needed to be the biggest thing in the world right now, but that doesn't happen."

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