The Best Sex Position for Each Aries Zodiac Sign Partnership

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What position is best for an Aries and Aries pairing?

The Perfect Sex Position for Aries, Based on Their Partner's Sign

No two sexual partners enjoy sex the same way, even though we're creatures of habit.

Some of us prefer getting in on in the missionary position, while others of us aren't afraid to do the deed in public (safely hidden, of course).

If you happen to be an Aries, we've figured out the best sex position for you, based on your partner's zodiac sign. So whether you're seeing a fellow fire sign or a water sign, we know how you and your significant other should be getting it on.

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Aries + Aries: Cowgirl

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With an Aries and Aries sexual partnership, you both want your needs satisfied and are willing to do that any and every which way. You're both excited to try new things and maybe even be a little rough in the sex you have. A position that'll suit you both best, leaving you both fulfilled, is the cowgirl. You can go fast or slow, and even switch off with who's in control of the pace. That'll surely excite you both.

Aries + Taurus: Missionary

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While an Aries is a fiery sign who doesn't exactly need a personal connection with someone to have sex with them, Taurus is much more sensual and romantic. Both signs are fairly sexual, which makes this partnership work. For the pair, the missionary position will allow both partners to get what they want. Taurus will have an intimate experience with their partner, while Aries can just get off. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Aries + Gemini: Sex in a Public Place

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Not so much a sex position as a unique means of doing it, having sex in a public place is perfect for an Aries-Gemini partnership. Both of you are confident, creative individuals who enjoy trying new things and aren't afraid of getting into a little trouble from time to time. We're not saying you have to get it on in front of a bunch of people, but if that's your thing, then go for it. You're a wild pairing, that's for sure.

Aries + Cancer: Spooning

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Cancer is a bit more emotional than Aries, so because of that, they need a personal connection to anyone before they even think of getting it on. Once you find that, the spooning position would be best for this partnership. It allows you to be close, but not too close to one another. Though Cancer needs a connection, they're not the greatest at being intimate, nor do they necessarily desire it all that much.

Aries + Leo: Oral Sex

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Aries likes taking charge and Leo loves attention, so oral is where it's at for an Aries-Leo partnership. Obviously, Aries will be the one that goes down on their partner, while Leo sits back and enjoys watching their partner doing all the hard work.

Aries + Virgo: Face-to-Face

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Aries and Virgo aren't often on the same page about many things, even in the bedroom. It takes a while for either to feel comfortable with their partner. Once they do, that's when the magic happens. Though, you both also have better things to do than dilly-dally in the bedroom. Due to this, a simple face-to-face position will work wonders. You could almost do it in your sleep, getting off quicker than you'd know what to do with.

Aries + Libra: Doggy Style

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While an Aries-Libra partnership appears picture perfect, both signs are all about that rough, animalistic sex in the bedroom. You may seem polished, but we see right through the both of you. Classic doggy style is the way the two of you can get off and have the best sex of your life, though we're not saying you need to limit yourself to just that position. Granted, you two know what to do already.

Aries + Scorpio: 69

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An Aries-Scorpio partnership tends to be fairly balanced, with both trying to give as much as they receive. Obviously, 69 is perfect for the two of you. You'll both receive the multiple orgasms you deserve, while also satisfying your partner to no end. What more could you ask for?

Aries + Sagittarius: Shower Sex

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Two fire signs, Aries-Sagittarius partnerships are a match made in heaven. An intense, passionate love affair, you both will experiment with new positions and ways to get off. There's no limit to what the two of you will do, but shower sex will help the two of you cool down when things get a little too hot and heavy. Sometimes you need a break from the vigorous love making you partake in constantly.

Aries + Capricorn: Standing Sex

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Both of you are generally the busiest signs in the zodiac, always rushing from one thing to the next with a to-do list a mile long. For this partnership, sex is something you do, rather than enjoy. Yes, you both love getting off and reaching orgasm, but you also have better things to do. Standing sex helps you achieve a heightened level of pleasure, but makes it so much easier to move on with the rest of your day once you're done.

Aries + Aquarius: Bridge

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Aries and Aquarius aren't signs you consider to be emotionally attached to anyone or anything, but when the two of them come together in the bedroom, they can be. They aren't afraid to let their guards down and get somewhat close to their partner. That being said, both still like to keep a reasonable distance. The bridge position allows each to do that, while also letting them explore a little more.

Aries + Pisces: Lotus

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Aries and Pisces can have trouble connecting, with Pisces being more emotional and needy than confident Aries. But a position like lotus will bring these two closer than they ever thought was possible. Wrap your legs around one another and get to it then.

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