Why You Should STOP Posting Photos of Your Kids on Facebook

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It's putting your child at risk more than you may know.

Stop Posting Photos of Your Kids on Facebook for Their Safety

If we had a dollar for every Facebook post we scrolled past about someone's kid doing who knows what, we could buy the world.

Plenty of proud parents flock to the social media platform to showcase how amazing their children are.

"Becky is in the top reading group in her class."

"Robert was voted MVP of his little league baseball game today."

"Brenda cured cancer."

You get the picture.

While bragging about your kid may not be all that bad (just annoying), posting photos of them regularly is something you should rethink doing so consistently.

Keep scrolling to discover the reasons sharing pictures of your kids on Facebook is doing them more harm than good.

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It Puts Them at Risk of Digital Kidnapping

Yes, you read that right.

Though you can often set restrictions as to who views your photos, once they're on the internet, virtually anyone has access to them.

Sho where does digital kidnapping come into play and what the heck is it? We're glad you asked.

Essentially, it's when strangers claim your child as their own on social media, stealing all of your photos and sharing them on their own pages.

Mommy blogger Lindsey Paris experienced the incident back in 2012, whose child was posted all over another woman's Facebook.

"She was pretending that he was her own and commenting on when was he going to start teething," she told Yahoo Parenting about the incident. "Her friends were saying that they loved his hair. She was treating him as her own and that was the most petrifying thing. I didn't know people did this."

It's truly terrifying, but it does happen and is something to be more alert about.

It's an Invasion of Your Child's Privacy

Yes, they're your kin. Yes, your Facebook is set to private. Yes, you're doing this for fun and it isn't meant to be taken seriously.

All of that aside, it still is an invasion of your child's privacy—especially if you're not telling them what you're posting.

Children are incredibly aware of how the world perceives them from a very young age and will likely be embarrassed by what you're sharing about them on your Facebook. In turn, this could make them more self-conscious.

The next time you're thinking about sharing a photo of your child, ask yourself if you'd be upset that your parents posted something like this for the world wide web to see.

It Can Impact Their Future

When something is shared on the internet, it never really goes away. It's there forever.

So when your child grows up and starts applying to colleges or for jobs, something you posted years ago may negatively impact their life.

Remember, almost everyone has access to the content that's being posted (especially because once you post something on Facebook, you're practically giving the platform to do as they please with the image), and we're sure your kid will not appreciate knowing the world has access to their baby photos.

Again, think twice before you post any photo of your kid. It'll only save them in the long run

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