The Joico Haircare Product Every Woman Over 40 Needs

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Haircare never ages!

The Best Joico Haircare Product for Women Over 40

Haircare is something we tend to forget about as we age.

When we have to worry about how to get the kids to soccer practice or what to make the family for dinner, we have very little time to think about the products we use on our hair. But that has to stop.

It's time to focus a little bit more on yourself by adding some better haircare products to your daily routine. What products should those be, you're probably wondering?

We sat down with Valerie Robinett, the Senior Director of Communications for Joico, to answer that question, along with the hair trends we'll be seeing in 2019 and the advice she has for anyone who wants to drastically update their hairstyle and color.

Read what she had to share below! What's your favorite part about working for Joico?

Valerie Robinett: I love what the brand stands for—The Joi of Healthy hair and giving women a good hair day gives them confidence to be the best they can be. Also, it's a professional hair company (sold via hair salons/hair dressers) and that means we're surrounded by passionate creative people every day.

WDC: What are your favorite Joico products?

VR: Since I'm a blonde by choice, our Blonde Life products are my favorite. Second is our Color Balance Purple Shampoo to keep my blonde looking like champagne instead of brassy.

WDC: What Joico products do you recommend for a woman over the age of 40?

VR: It all depends on their hair type and what solution they want for their hair. Definitely doing a treatment on the hair at least once a week is key. Color Therapy Luster Lock Treatment is life changing and you will notice a difference the first time you use it. A majority of women over 40 do some type of color treatment on their hair, so to protect that investment, color-protecting products are key.

WDC: What do you hope people take away from using Joico products?

VR: You can have any hair you want by having healthy hair. Our promise is healthy hair you can color, highlight, curl, blow dry, and still maintain. Healthy hair is happy hair!

WDC: Are there any new Joico products in the pipeline you can tell us about?

VR: In 2019, we will have a game-changing line that will give protection and prevention. It'll boost take caring of damaged hair to the next level.

WDC: What are some hair trends we can expect to see in 2019?

VR: So many things—hair color, a lot of dimension, face-framing hair color that brightens any face shape, variations of blondes from beige blush to beachy golden, and more experimenting of red hair.

WDC: What's your advice for someone who wants to drastically update their hairstyle and color?

VR: Have a consultation with your stylist and bring inspiration photos. Don't be disappointed if you can't make that drastic change happen in one day (a big color change is a lot of work). You can also start by experimenting with a new hair color or new tone of hair color. There are semi and demi-permanent choices that are not as big of a commitment. Then you can move into a bigger change, if you love the results.

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