Best Washington Capitals-Inspired Instagram Captions

Washington Capitals player celebrating after scoring a goal
via Instagram: @capitals

"Going through the battle instead of going around it."

Washington Capitals-Inspired Instagram Captions

The Washington Capitals are trying to skate their way to victory in the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

If you happen to be a fan of the Caps, we bet you're proudly showcasing your support all over social media. We totally get it, because it's pretty exciting to see a team you connect with vie for the cup.

For every post you share on Instagram, we've got the perfect Capitals-inspired caption for it. Find the best one for you below!

  1. "Going through the battle instead of going around it." -Washington Capitals

  2. "Go, Caps, go!" -Unknown

  3. "All Caps." -Unknown

  4. "Caps for the win." -Unknown

  5. "Wear them down." -Unknown

  1. "In it to win it." -Unknown

  2. "No one gets the job done like the Caps." -Unknown

  3. "Washington is ready to host the Stanley Cup." -Unknown

  4. "Capitals fans only." -Unknown

  5. "Here for the Capitals." -Unknown

  1. "There's no better team than the Washington Capitals." -Unknown

  2. "We're ready to fight to the finish." -Unknown

  3. "Capitals forever." -Unknown

  4. "My heart belongs to Washington." -Unknown

  5. "We got this." -Unknown