10 Reasons Why Online Dating Sucks for Everyone

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Why Online Dating Sucks for Everyone, No Matter Your Age or Gender

This shouldn't be news to anyone who's trying to find love online, but online dating sucks.

It is actually the worst way to find someone for so many reasons. While we were once hopeful about being able to meet the love of our lives all from the privacy of our own homes, that isn't exactly what being on the apps and dating sites provided us.

We've experienced many heartbreaks and a decrease in our self-esteem during our many years of online dating. We wish online dating was better than it was, but it just plain sucks for so many reasons. Let's get into those reasons now, shall we?

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1. Filling Out Your Profile Is Too Much Work

One of the most annoying things about online dating is having to fill out an extensive profile. While you can leave it blank, that'll severely limit the amount of matches you get. People like a profile that's completely filled out, that way they can get to know you better and even have something to start the conversation with. But trying to sum yourself up in 200 words or less is easier said than done. You can't sound too desperate nor can you be too mysterious, so trying to find that balance is more difficult than teaching a duck to bark. And even after filling out the most perfect profile, you're not even guaranteed to get matches. This brings us to our next point.

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2. You're Not Guaranteed to Get Matches

You could do everything right; have the perfect profile, the most stunning pictures, be a good person, etc. But that doesn't guarantee you'll get matches. And that's what you want from online dating, to have people like your profile so you can meet them in real life and potentially fall in love. Still, it doesn't always happen and it'll often take more time than we'd like to admit. Heck, we're still trying to the one and it's been years since we've been on the apps.

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3. Everyone Lies on Their Dating Profiles

Even if it's a little white lie, everyone tells them. Men will lie about their height, women will lie about their age. We all do it, so don't think you're an exception. These little white lies are fairly harmless, but some people take it a little too far. Moving on to another major reason why online dating sucks.

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4. Not everyone Is Who They Say They Are

While some people tell little white lies, others completely lie about who they are. It's called catfishing and it's more popular than you think. Someone will use other people's pictures and information to portray them online, but when you meet up, you won't be on a date with the person you were expecting. You have to be cautious with the people you talk to online.

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5. Trying to Meet Up With People Offline Is Incredibly Tough

When you're a ridiculously busy person, finding the time to meet up with people offline is really difficult. You have to pack that into your already full schedule, all while knowing you could be disappointed with how the date plays out. Just because you go out with someone, doesn't mean you'll actually end up liking them. And then you resent ever making time for them in the first place. It's a vicious cycle, one we've experienced far too many times.

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6. Dating Is Exhausting

It's not enough to go on one date, you have to keep your options open. So even though you might like one person, you end up going on some dates with a few more just in case things don't pan out. We don't know about you, but that's pretty exhausting for us. Not only do we have to find the time for it all, it usually ends in disappointment. The one we want doesn't want us and neither do our backups. So once again, back to square one—whomp, whomp.

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7. The Options Are Endless

One the flip side of not finding anyone you like, you can fall for multiple people all at once. With online dating, the options are really endless. This is a nice thought in theory, but it makes it all the more difficult to commit when you're forced to decide between two people. Not everyone is open to being in a polyamorous relationship. If they are, then you've really hit the jackpot.

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8. There's More Competition

Not only do you have competition in the real world, now you have it online. While other women really aren't your competition and we shouldn't be fighting against one another for any man, it happens. Because of this, it's easy to get caught up in wanting more matches, rather than really wanting love. You want to prove you're the best at online dating, but at what cost?

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9. No One's Honest About What They Want

You'd assume that because you've signed up for online dating sites and apps, you actually want to date. That's not always the case. These apps and websites have caused people to be more detached than ever before when it comes to finding love. Others may say they want a serious relationship, but you end up hooking up with them for six months only for them to ghost you to end it all. Not cool.

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10. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

No one really gets broken up with in the traditional sense anymore. While it usually was a talk and you hashed it all out, now a relationship (especially one that began online) typically ends with one of the partners ghosting the other, never to give them the closure they were hoping for. People have become so heartless because of how easy it is to cut off communication with someone you met online. Can we all vow to change that?

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