What Even Is A Labia-Plasty?

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So maybe you've heard about a surgical procedure that's been rising in popularity lately called a labiaplasty, but what exactly is it? Well, it's basically a below-the-belt (literally) surgery that's aim is to trim and shape the vagina's inner lips, outer lips, or both. A labiaplasty can take the form of anything from trimming down these areas to injecting additional fat or fillers into them.

For clarification's sake, the outer vaginal lips are the parts on the outside of the body, while the inner lips are the flaps of skin that cover your clitoris and vagina.

If you're currently still mid-cringe, you may be asking yourself why anybody would do such a thing to their lady bits? As it turns out, the answer may come in a variety of forms, because the procedure is something that attracts some women for different reasons.

Prospective patients range from women who are seeking relief from genital pain to others who are out to give their vagina what more or less equates to a cosmetic face lift.

As it turns out, some women's labias may become elongated or asymmetrical with age, due to genetics, or as a result of childbirth or intercourse. As you might imagine, having an excess of skin down there can cause uncomfortable chaffing or rubbing during sex or even while just attempting to rock a pair of tight jeans.

On the other hand, there are some women who have the surgery performed to do nothing more than increase their confidence with their looks down South.

So who exactly is a good candidate for the procedure? Mostly women who actually seeking it out as a medical procedure for health reasons. Experts warn that it's not really the type of thing you want to do as a casual cosmetic option. In fact, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are not currently on-board with it, stating that the risks involved may outweigh the benefits.

Such risks include things like:



Temporary numbness

Asymmetry between the inner and outer labia lips

Pigmentation changes

Decreased feeling in that area


Excess scar tissue buildup (appearing as lumps on the treated area)

Hematoma (break in blood vessel causing localized blood-filled area or blood clot)

Puckering or creases of the skin

Sexual dysfunction

Also beware that the surgery is not your best bet if you're looking to increase sexual satisfaction, as that's not what it's designed to do.

At the end of the day however, each woman knows her body better than anyone else and will probably be able to tell upon a discussion with her doctor if this or any other procedure is the way to go when addressing her individual concerns.

Though one of the more popular surgeries of late, it's not the only vaginal procedure available and your doctor will be able to better advise you about what the best route is when it comes to dealing with whatever it is you may be looking to find relief from.

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