How To Tell If Someone Else Logs Into Your Venmo Account

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Can Someone Else Log Into My Venmo?

Venmo, a popular payment app, holds plenty of personal information. Not only does it store the credit and debit card information that you link to your account, but it also stores bank account information. This leads many users to wonder: Is my account safe? Can someone else log into my Venmo?

With so much personal information stored in the widely used app, it is especially important to make sure nobody else can log into your Venmo!

Nobody Else Can Log Into Your Venmo

That is, nobody can log into your Venmo without you knowing!

The only way someone else can log into your Venmo is if you give them your account password. Additionally, if you have your Venmo account connected to your Facebook account, anyone who knows your Facebook password can log into your Venmo account that way.

But have no fear! Anytime you or anyone else tries to log into your Venmo account from a new device, they will be asked to verify their identity by plugging in a code set to the phone number associated with your account!