Top 10 Celebrities That Made You Cry This Year Ranked By You

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Which Celebrity Made You Cry the Most This Year? Vote Now.

Which celebrity made you cry this year? From break ups, to make ups, to big laughs, and ugly cries, we can all agree we have shed some tears this year. As a community, the world tends to feel emotions together. We are so invested in our everyday lives that when it comes to politics, celebrity gossip, or maybe even a really good song, we are on level playing field. The common woes of the world are well known, and often debated, so tell us what you think. How much did you cry this year over Ariana's new album, or the death of Aretha? Which celebs made you cry the most this year? Are you feeling what we are feeling? Help us decide!

Constance Wu

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Constance Wu killed it in Crazy Rich Asians. That movie just had me in tears at so many points, so much hope, so much love. When she walked into the wedding, when she stood up to her mother in law, tears were flowing.

Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande has had a hell of a year. From her love with Pete Davidson, to her new album, to her broken heart with the death of Mac Miller, we feel for you Ari, and we have shed some tears for you. A woman should never be blamed for the status of a man's mental health.

Mac Miller

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A tragic death never goes unnoticed, every time we hear 2009 or Self Care, we think of Mac Miller. The fact that we will not be hearing any new music from the singer/producer is an immediate tear jerker. Rest in peace.

J Lo and A Rod

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Whether their love made you cry of happiness or cry laughing, we were always in tears. I can't help but think of her VMA's performance and A Rod's reaction and cry laughing. What can I say? We love to love! Real tears for this power couple.

The Cast of Grey's

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This show has had us crying for years now, can you watch an episode without crying? I know I sure can't. Ever since the spoiler alert death of McDreamy, we can't even think about it without shedding a tear or two. Thank you Shonda for our weekly dose of sadness!

Amy Schumer

I Feel Pretty via STXfilms

I Feel Pretty had a number of sad moments sprinkled in with the tears you're crying of laughter. Amy Schumer is a master emotion manipulator, she makes you laugh, and immediately makes you cry. Not only that, but her success as a female comedian, making jokes about being a female in this day and age, is groundbreaking, thanks Amy!

John McCain

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Whether you're liberal or conservative, we can all agree, the remembrance of John McCain this year has been heart wrenching as well as heart warming. Reflecting on past political leaders, greats like McCain included, make us think back to the pre-Trump era... ok real tears now.

Aretha Franklin

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Reminiscing in her talent gives me a tear or two, always. Aretha has earned her striped from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to hits that are still playing decades later, I will even shed a tear for her trailblazing. The death of a great artist, and an influential female one at that, will never be forgotten.

Kerry Washington

Scandal via ABC

Because Scandal has finally come to an end, even thinking about Kerry Washington makes me cry! The badass character Shonda Rhimes created to show the woman behind the man in the Oval Office will forever and always be our inspiration, pouring one (tear) out for the end of Scandal.

Zooey Deschanel

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After seven seasons of the quirky antics of Jess and her friends, we never thought we'd have to say goodbye. They have become our friends along the way! The thought of New Girl coming to an end this year has us ugly crying, we want more Zooey!