On Bumble, Can You See Inactive Profiles?

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Can someone still see your Bumble profile even if you haven't opened the app the weeks?

Does Bumble Show Inactive Profiles?

With dating and hookup apps like Bumble and Tinder becoming more and more popular, many of us have tried them out to see if they really work when looking for love. Sometimes, when we aren't actively seeking a partner, we might download the app and forget about it. If you create an account only to find that Bumble isn't for you, does Bumble show inactive profiles to users scrolling through, even if you haven't logged on in a while? Can someone still swipe right on you if you have deleted the app?

The answer is yes, your profile is swipe-able forever... at least until you fully deactivate your account.

Bumble Shows Inactive Profiles


Bumble never removes your profile due to inactivity. If you go to your settings, and fully deactivate your Bumble account, then it will be removed from the database. (Tinder, on the other hand, does stop showing accounts due to lack of activity.)

To delete your Bumble account — and really remove your profile — go to your Bumble profile settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom and press delete. This is a risk-free move because you can always sign back into Bumble using your Facebook account!