How To Unmatch With A Bumble Match

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Is It Possible To Unmatch With Someone On Bumble?

With dating and hook up apps running the scene for young singles, it can be easy to swipe right and left impulsively. If you accidentally swipe right, realize you swiped right on someone who wasn't quite right or just changed your mind, how do you unmatch with someone on Bumble?

While living the single life, Bumble can be your greatest asset, but make sure you know how to unmatch with someone on Bumble!

Deleting A Match Is The Same As Unmatching On Bumble

In addition to Bumble voiding matches after a period of inactivity, it allows you to delete your matches whenever you would like!

Often referred to as "The Feminist Tinder," Bumble allows users to be in complete control through a variety of features. Since Bumble matches disappear due to inactivity, "ghosting" — or ignoring potential partners through the app — is virtually impossible.

If you decide a match isn't for you, you can unmatch through inactivity or by deleting the match completely. But, be careful, there is no way to recover a match once it has been deleted!