How To Unmatch With A Tinder Match

Time to clean up your Tinder match list? We can tell you how to unmatch with someone on Tinder!

How Do You Unmatch With Someone On Tinder?

With dating apps running the scene for young singles, it can be easy to swipe right and left impulsively. If you accidentally swipe right, realize you swiped right on someone who wasn't quite right or simply changed your mind, how do you unmatch with someone on Tinder?

While living the carefree, single life you deserve, Tinder can be your greatest asset, as long as make sure you know that you can unmatch with someone on Tinder!

Unmatching On Tinder Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Other dating apps, like Bumble, void matches due to inactivity, however Tinder doesn't do that. Luckily, getting rid of Tinder matches that aren't for you is super simple. That's right: it's easy to can kiss those unappealing matches goodbye!

To unmatch someone on Tinder, first, find the person you want to unmatch and click on their name. Tinder will bring you to their messaging platform where you would send this match a private note. In this case, this is where you will unmatch with them.

Find the three dots on the top, right corner of the page and click. There, you will find the unmatch option.

Select "unmatch" and say goodbye!